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    its mostly newer 2010-2012 stuff like Gridiron Gear, Threads, SP Authentic, Magic, Platinum ... mostly current Bears but a few older cards are mixed in but not many at all ... dlvd I would like to be in the $7.00 - $8.00 range considering shipping on 150 cards in plastic box

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    I've done lots of looking but done very little shipping, lets move these base cards... c'mon player/team collectors, take these off my hands!!!

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    bumping this up again, I'm not going away so just buy these up so I can get some new inventory, LOL !!!

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    another bump on these base cards....anyone need any player or team???

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    another bump on these base before I just gotta trash or donate them

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    is there any interest in base cards at this time? any player collectors need anything tonight?

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    I have 124 Vikings base various years/brands/players ... and I also have 18 Adrian Peterson base, I already had them seperated for a guy but I never heard back from him, PLMK if interested!

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    please can i have a list of all your broncos cards please
    my triple h pc still need more Hidden Content

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    andy20066 - I have 74 Broncos, will take a while to type the entire lot up, there are various years/players/brands but LMK if you want a list breakdown but please dont ask me to invest the time into this and then not reply, lol

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