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    Thumbs up 100 Autos! Jeter RC! and More! Huge Part of my collection for auction!

    hey guys. i am in need of some money and so i am selling a huge part of my collection. it includes 100 autos, tons of rookies including jeter, cano, among others, a ton of inserts, and star cards and im going to throw in tons of bonuses.

    If you buy collections and then re-sell individually, this would be a great lot to do that with. I am just in need of some fast money and so I am having to do this.

    If someone from SCF wins this auction, let me know and I will throw in some extra stuff!

    here is the link:

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    someone is going to get a steal on this, hopefully it is someone from SCF

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    real nice bonus if someone from scf wins...

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    only a day left and still no one has bid! i dont understand what i could have done wrong, if i saw this myself, i would be bidding on it, haha! guess that is just how things go! if anyone wants it, please bid!

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    only a few more hours left! there is a ridiculous amount of people watching the auction so watch out for snipers if u want to win this! good luck all and let me know if anyone from here wins!

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