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    Infield Thrift: My Thrift Store Finds

    I love baseball and thrifting and when the two meet, it is oh so sweet. I will use this thread to share all of my baseball treasures found at the local thrift stores. I am a Yankees fan, but any team is fair game when it comes to thrifting.

    I found these at a local Goodwill.

    First up, is a Bowling Green Hot Rods jersey. They are the Single-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays, located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It isn't a full button-down, but it is still cool, plus it still has the tags on it. This is definitely going in the collection.


    Second, is a blank back Cubs jersey and what do you know, it still has the tags on it. I am probably going to try to sell this one at the local card show.


    I forgot to mention the best part.

    NO STAINS!!!!


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    Here are some of my previous finds. I can't remember the exact prices, but these all came in under $5.00 a piece?

    First up, a Cincinnati Reds blank back jersey. It doesn't have the tags, but it looks brand new. It is one of my card show sellers.

    Price-$3.00 (Goodwill)

    I thought this was pretty awesome. It is a Franklin Big League Baseball Electronic Encyclopedia (Collectors First Edition), from 1992. You can get all of your stats before steroids became so prevalent. It was still sealed. I had to open and play with it though. It is one of my card show sellers.

    Last but not least, is a Wil Myers 2013 American League Rookie Of The Year Bobblehead. I don't know if I am going to keep it or sell it. I am kind of leaning towards starting a bobblehead collection.

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    Sweet finds! Especially the jerseys
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    Starting a bobblehead collection is just as dangerous as cards and autographs lol. I've been collecting bobbleheads for just over a year now and have 200+! I love them though, as long as you have a subject in mind, stick to it, and you will be alright haha.

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    Great finds I hit my local thrifts at least once a week.Always find good jerseys.
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    Shopper of the year goes to you, great lot.
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    Gotta love the finds at Goodwill. Great job on the lot!

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