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Thread: Best People Who Sign

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    Best People Who Sign

    As you can see, I am a frequent visitor of this thread and I'm always having to come back to this forum because I am a total n00b when it comes to finding addresses. So what I really want is someone, just name anyone you know who signs anything. Insta-success type people like Bobby Doerr or Carl Erskine. Thanks and if you have anyone, please respond! Baseball and Football please!

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    Bobby Shantz is good.Also Virgil Trucks
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    Looking for Carl Furillo,Rocky Colavito,and Johnny Callison stuff.

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    Why do you need "Insta-success" types? Are you on a time limit?

    By the way, you're really limiting yourself if you're only sending out to players who sign and return it in 7 days or less. Most returns take longer than that.

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    How about send to someone you collect or need for your collection, instead of whomever is "the best and signs quickly". And yes, do utilize the TTMM on here as it is very resourceful for helping you do your own homework, instead of just wanting to sit back and let others fire names for you.
    NOT doing 50/50s nor consignments!

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    :c sheesh should I just quit this site in the first place?

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    Alright guys he is new and there is no need for the hostility.

    stlsteelers275 the best place to start would be in the TTMM and our Multiple Sports Success thread, both should give you an idea of who signs and how long they usually take.

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    you could look at the ttm manager, look at address sites on the web, or order a thick notebook of addresses from
    This hobby is about doing your homework, being patient, and being polite and respectful to the celebrities you are requesting an autograph from. Before i made the mistake of marriage, my collection was over 8000+ autographs, so I do have a wee bit of knowledge on this subject.
    I collect ttm/IP autos. Always willing to trade/sell cards to grow my autograph collection.
    I collect Jack Lambert, Too Tall Jones, Lebron James, Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken Jr., Ken Griffey Jr., Brett Favre, Michael Jordan, Hofers
    I'm the proud owner of REED Authentics

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