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    Shadow Boxes and Cases on sale at michaels

    Hey guys,

    Frames, Shadowboxes, Cases, Display Cases for bats balls and helmets are all 50% off at Michaels right now, and they accept competitors coupons from joann fabric and other stores.

    Stack up the coupons.

    I got two bat cases and some acrylic paint for 62 after taxes, and the paint as 14.99 itself.

    Good Luck.

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    I saw this sale too. They had jersey-sized shadow boxes for $29.99 marked down from $99.99.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmaster02 View Post
    Are you doing this by using the 50% one item coupon?
    Nope, already in store 50% automatically. Some Cashiers have access to a 15% off coupon that can stack if you ask nicely, but other coupons stack too as long as it doesn't say regular price.

    For instance, 20% off your entire purchase. Or a 15% off coupon from Joann Fabrics works since they stack coupons.

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    the "jersey size" boxes are only 24x30 though right? Pretty small for a jersey in my opinion... good deal though

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    Yeah I believe they were, but it depends how you are displaying them. Fold the sleeve over, fold the bottom tail a bit.

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    You can also pull up coupons on your smart phone from Michael's website and they can scan your phone.

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