Ive ben collecting the signed set of 2011 Heritage Minors (14 away) and have come upon many doubles. Im looking to sell them, but ould trade for any of the card im looking for, Also if your not intrested in any of the cards I have but have ones that I need, I will happily buy. Please PM if intrested. Thanks

Here are my doubles:

Wily Peralta- Blue
Josh Vitter- Blue
Julio Rodriguez- Blue
Mike Montgomery- Blue
Shelby Miller- Blue
Ryan Jackson- Blue
Matt Dominguez- Black
Joe- Leonard- Black
Kolbrin Vitek- Black
Carlos Martinez x3 (2 Black 1 Blue)
Travis Mattair x2 - Black
Michael Choice x2 -Black
Mel Rojas Jr- Blue
Jiwan James- Blue
Jessie Biddle- Black
Adam Bailey- Black Pen
Cody Hawn x2 ( 1 Blue, 1 Black)

Here are my needs:

1. Adrelton Simmons
4. Manny Benuelos
23. Brett Lawrie
29. Jesus Montero
36. Austin Romine
43. John Lamb
46. Arodys Vizcaino
111.Ryan Flaherty
130. Matt Harvey
135. Alan Horne
141. Tyrell Jenkins
173. Matt Moorer
187. Drew Pomeranz
194. Trevor Reckling