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    What's the most you'll spend on an auto?

    Just wondering. What's the most $$$ you'll spend on an auto?

    I know a lot of us here go for free TTM & IP. So just wondering what everyone's budget is for either buying an autographed item, or even spending $$$ for a signing.
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    Money is kind of funny right now so I'm not going to break the bank for an auto. I usually get most of my autos for free at promotions the ballplayers do throughout the city and by getting a ticket to the games and getting them to sign there. I also do some ttm as well. But to answer your original question if I did have some extra money I wouldn't mind spending $50-100 for an autographed ball if I thought it was a good deal or $20 for a good deal on an autographed card. Yeah I know I am one of those cheap collectors LOL.
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    Most I ever spent was $150 to meet Roy Halladay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryanpmeyer View Post
    Most I ever spent was $150 to meet Roy Halladay
    for $150 bucks, Mr Halladay better buy dinner, hang for a beer & sign a truck load of stuff.

    Depends on he item for me. I've sent $35 to Manning before for a jersey so thats got to be the most ever for me TTM.

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    Most Spent on an Autograph.

    I am a baseball coach in Commerce Oklahoma, Home of Mickey Mantle I spent $250 on a baseball signed by Mantle from one of our well know people who live in Commerce. NO COA but I will be sending it in and getting it authenticated at some point even though I know its real.

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    I spent $250 for a Mario Lemieux IP. I have no problem spending for an IP of a person I really want.

    I'm all about getting auto's for free and have plenty of those, but some players are only available at shows for x price.
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    I wouldn't spend more than 25 bucks for something like a Phils Phestival ticket kind of deal to get an auto, or like 15-20 for a certified auto of someone I really wanted at like a flea market.

    I just know with enough time/effort/trying I can get pretty much anyone. If I can't get a particular player, IMO that makes collecting more fun- having guys you really want and don't have yet.

    Like with Halladay, I needed him for over a year for my SI cover, but I wouldn't have spent 150 like the guy above, because it was fun to have a mission. I finally did get him for free, so it worked out. And if it took me 3-4 years to get him, so be it.

    But to each his own, some people just like to go and have a gauranteed shot at the person and pay to get it.
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    A current player or alive the most Id probably pay is $100. The guy above got a great deal on the Mantle ball, if I had the money I would pay more for players like Mantle, Williams, Dimagio, Maris, etc...
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    $50 on eBay for me.
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    John_Havlicek on an certified autographed card with a part of the Boston Gardens floor for $25 is the most I have spent on any single card. I also bought a Willie Mays autographed certified baseball for $25. That is the most I have ever spent on a signed item. I have seen a few items and been tempted, but $12 for George Gervin is the most I have ever paid for a show autograph. You can make a really good collection on the cheap just be patient. I did blow $125 getting an Magic Johnson auto jersey framed, but the jersey and the autograph was free from him.
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