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    items for sale to help with my next Wrestling show

    Not sure if anyone knows this or not but I am a wrestling promoter and I do alot of shows to help my community and I am planning on doing a show on Dec 1st to help our National Guard Armory. Their funds have been cut really bad and I want to help them and also show my support for our troops. So I am trying to raise money to help pay for the show so anything we take in at the show will go to the armory. I have been given some items from Coke and if anyone would be interested in them I will post pics. I have 2 hats and 2 shirts signed by the Coca Cola racing family. 1 shirt and hat is from 2011 and the other hat and shirt is from 2012. I have certificates for all of them. They are signed by the entire racing family. If anyone is interested please let me know. this does go to a worthy cause. Make an offer on each or all. If you are on Face Book you can follow The Operation Save Foundation by just putting in a search for us on there. Its a great cause and we love helping people. God Bless and Thanks

    Director of The OSF

    Here are the pictures....
    coke 001.jpgcoke 002.jpgcoke 003.jpgcoke 004.jpg
    2012 Hat 2011 Hat 2012 Hat 2012 Shirt
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    I would like to see the pics if possible. I am sure others would too, will probably help with your sale. Thanks. :)


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    I would like to help but I'm sure I can't afford what you have.My favorite driver is in the Coke family.Good luck!

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    Im taking offers so if you are interested in 1 or all just shoot me a message.

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    I would love to get $30 a piece. If I could sell all of them for $30 each that would help me get one of my guys here for the show. Please help.

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    Had to cancel the show since I couldnt raise the funds in time. Thanks

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