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Thread: Quicksales!!! Great deals

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    Quicksales!!! Great deals

    Looking to get rid of some inventory to invest in some of the new and up incoming stars. Would like to see if we have anyone interested in it this afternoon. Let me know what you are looking for and maybe I can find something!! Want to get started soon.

    Only Holmes FS

    SP /10- $5 dlvd

    Turner /25- $12
    Maclin /25-$18
    Ware (not really wanting to sell but if a cowboys fan wants it) /49- $15

    Jackson /50-$8 dlvd
    Smith /75- $25 dlvd
    Wayne /20-$25 dlvd

    $18 dlvd for them all
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    I don't think anyone else is really interested... haha

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    I am here!!
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    looking for a nice areian foster auto and steve smith autos (panthers)

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    i will take the cam. i am leaving in about 5 minutes for the weekend so i will be able to get you paid monday, if that is acceptable?

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    I'd like the payment today so if no one else posts that they want it thats cool with me!

    New one coming up!

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