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    Just finished my basketball list...take a look

    Hey, I just finished updating my basketball trade list. I'm not really into basketball, so I don't have a whole lot. Let me know if you see anything. I prefer to trade for football and baseball, if possible.

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    Hey, I liked these:

    Paul Molitor 2005 Sp Legendary Cuts lasting legends bat
    Gaylord Perry 2004 Timelines call to the hall Auto

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    like the kaman and kirilinko i will trade 3x in my gameused for the kirilinko and 2x for the kaman, plmk thanks

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    Kai - I didn't see anything else...I could trade the Swift for the Perry auto.

    golfmanccl - I didn't see anything of interest on your list. Do you have anything else?

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    id rather do it for the kirilenko, i also like some of your football stuff

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    Kai - I think I want to hang on to the Kirilenko auto, as I think I may be able to pick up something for my PC for it. The Swift offer is on the table if you want it, though.

    golfer - Didn't see anything for the McGahee besides some of the stuff you have on E-bay.

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