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Thread: Rate my Lebron collection

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    Rate my Lebron collection

    I gave this a try on beckett and it ddint go so well. People on this site prolly looked at it if your also on beckett becasue i had 106 posts in an hour (all bad ones) i was on ebay in the past 2 weeks a lot and made my lebron james collection better. now lets see what you guys have to say.

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    hey not to bad that dual auto is nice but the boozer killed it lol

    not to shabby

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    I know one half of the card is boozer and its not as good but hey look at it this way... the other half is a lebron

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    i see you have a book to put your cards, collection looks nice, man lebrons autos are so expensive now, i would give it a 6/10 and you missed this ebay auction there was like 6 or 7 bgs9.5 lebron's rookie base cards and they were only 15 bucks, i was gonna bid on it but didnt have the money

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    oh yea i saw that auction. the one with all the cards from the ud set? i have one of those graded 9.5

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    good start, but I would try to trade the lebron/boozer for a auto of just lebron

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    I think thats a good collection man! Really nice!

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    Yeah man, nice collection. Why would anyone say it's not??

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