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Thread: Fleer Retro MJ buyback 1 of 1s

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    Wow. Impressive cards. I think retro is awesome product!!! That retro blue PMG sold for $4500

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    These prices are just stupid. There's absolutely no rhyme or reason to the prices being paid for retro. I truly hope the people buying them are "collectors", because if they're in it because they think the long term value will go anywhere but down, they're in for a rude awakening.

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    Isnt that the case with most cards. Cards stay fairly close to their prices over the years. With the exception of rc's.. I would assume if you are dropping $4500 on a card you have the money to spend and not worry about losing.

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    Yeah they are going for insane prices! Thats why i want to buy a few boxes.

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    nice card.. Too bad it was sold outside ebay. would've been cool to see what it went for.

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    How much did the linchpin go for, I know some people can see the best offer price. Are people really paying these auctions or are they all just being re auctioned off.

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