Hey guys, i have close to 100 custom pre made cuts already that have built up from me just cutting for my own personal use over the past few years. I will be offering those cuts as well as pictures you want cut. ALSO will offer a topaz option that i will explain more about for people who dont know what it is in that section.

Most of my cuts are hockey as thats what i do most of my cuts with.


I CAN CUT ANYTHING! Doesnt need to be anything particular. The only thing i ask is that if you want us to cut something that it is a LARGE picture, as it will be a better render for yourself and is easier for me to cut (Comes out much cleaner)

Payment method: PAYPAL ONLY

All prices are negotiable if you are wanting a bunch of stuff done, i also offer custom graphics if your wondering about that just shoot me a pm and ill be glad to help you out.

(*NOTE: I will constantly be adding new ones, there are only a few atm but as time allows i will upload all my own cuts)

Cost: $0.50 a piece
$0.75 a piece TOPAZED


ALBUM: http://s1054.photobucket.com/albums/...phics/Renders/


All of my pre cut photos are watermarked in my bucket but i have the PNG file on my computer that i will email to you once i recieve payment. Them more you buy the better the deal.


(*Note: Please send me a photo large enough to cut, small photos come out bad. If you insist you want that size than i will cut but be warned they dont look nearly as good)

Cost: $1.00 a piece
$1.50 A piece TOPAZED


Part 1: Send me a photo(S) (Your best option is going to google, searching who you want cut and search LARGE photos only)

Part 2: It usually takes me roughly 20 minutes (Give or take depending on the picture, the one ive provided as an exapmle took 5 minutes), so i can usually have an order done in no time depending on how many pictures you want cut.

Here is the cut picuture




Prices are listed above in the different sections, if you have your own cuts that you would like topazed i can do them for $0.50 a piece.

I have noticed a lot of members always complimenting the affects i do to the players in my graphics so i decided to offer it to people on here. Most people don't know what topaz is when i talk about it so i am going to show you the difference it makes below.

Here is a few examples of the difference topaz makes to a render.

Example 1: Ovechkin



Exapmle 2: Reimer