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    Anyone know how to tell if a pair of Beats by dre are fake or real?

    Im thinking about buying these but I dont know how to tell. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

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    No idea how to tell fakes from reals (didn't know people faked Dre's for that matter LOL) but the seller does state: If you are not satisfied we will refund your money - no questions asked - and we will pay for your return shipping even!

    With that I would buy them and if you don't like them or when you get them you find they are fakes or are even doubting their authenticity take the seller up on his refund.

    My $0.02

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    I have no idea. I have to say that they are way over priced for the sound quality that they provide. There are plenty of optionds out there for less monye and better quality. you are just buying the name. Thats it.

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    i would go with 50 cents headphones instead. I think they have better sound and build quality- Try a youtube or google search for spotting fakes, i reckon you would get lots of sites and videos to help you.

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    I just like the size of them really. Other over the head are realy bulky and look weird

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    you could probably tell by squeezing them
    ...oh wait, i read that wrong

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