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    Quote Originally Posted by frizzzlecake View Post
    2 games into the season dude chill out.

    the problem has been on going. it's not just 2 games.

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    don't get me wrong but mike tice is the o-coordinator. Not the greatest one for the job. They have to ride their strengths n offense. Run a lot of screens, dump passes, timing routes, and let Cutler move around since he's mobile. When the o-line isn't cutting it then its time to call plays that don't allow the time for them to give up sacks. They are using a conventional system with forte out and it isn't working. Cutler has his problems and I do think he's over rated, but its not his fault. They are expecting him to play a way he doesn't play. They need to Taylor the offense around his strengths or find a different qb that works with their system.

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    couldn't stand Cutler in Denver, can't stand Cutler in Chicago... I probably would be alright with him bagging my groceries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BradyToMoss View Post
    the problem has been on going. it's not just 2 games.

    the problem has been going on more because he doesn't have good protection and lets face it before this year his best wide receiver was Devin Hester and he would not get a starting job at that position for most teams

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    the bears were always about a tough o-line and d-line. they need to rebuild them both through the draft next year. yes im already talking about next year for them. letting peppers go would be smart to clear cap space. that would give them enough room to play with. hopefully thy didnt just marry forte and buy him a huge ring to go with it cause as much as he helps their offense he's injured too often and they need a back that stays on the field. Anyone see the bears picking up ben tate in the offseason? he would fit well with their type of play style. they gotta make a couple of moves that people dont want to see. its gotta be for the better of the team. even still its week 3 this sunday, so its not like this is written in stone........yet

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    I agree with you all the way duane1969. Without a line I dont care who you are or how great a QB you are, your not going to be successful if you keep ending up on your back after every play and running for your life.
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    If we give Cutler time and he still does not produce, then call for a change. 9 sacks in 2 games is something that makes measuring individual QB performance murky waters at best. Either upgrade the OL and get a LT who is worth his weight in canine excrement or hold judgement on the position most dependent on them.

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    Sorry, hate to burst everyone's "Just-get-Cutler-an-offensive-line-and-give-him-some-time-and-he'll-be-fine" bubble, but, there are solid numbers to point to why Cutler will NEVER be "The Guy" on any team:

    1. Yes, he has been sacked more than anyone in the last two years. Guess who's #2 on that list? Aaron Rodgers. Doesn't look like a steel curtain for an O-Line is mandatory for optimum offensive production, after all. So cross that excuse off the list...
    2. Cutler is NOT and never will be an "elite" quarterback. Cutler has had 9 games where his QB Rating is below 50 in his tenure with the Bears. Guess how many guys like Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, Phillip Rivers, etc. have had in that same time period? ONE! Only one "elite" QB has had even ONE game with a rating below 50!

    I'm a Broncos fan, and in Denver they couldn't run that guy out of town fast enough. Why? Would New England be burning Brady jersey's in the streets if they traded him? Or would San Diego be holding "Rivers Can Go F Himself" rallies if they traded him? No. So if he's really "The Guy", why were Denver fans handing him his hat and showing him the door? Because he is what he is: a whiny teammate with a great arm and a bad decision making chip in his brain. He's Geoff George, Part Deux.

    Everyone can be a great teammate when you are riding high and things are great. But it's when the wheels come off and you experience some adversity that you really find out what someone is made of. Jay has consistently shown what he is made of. He has been in the league 6 years. His record speaks for itself and he will not be getting any better at this point. He is what he is: good enough to beat up on bad teams and he wilts under pressure when he plays the good teams. Always has, always will.

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    Great post brisco! I was just about to bring up his tenure in Denver. He was basically escorted out with a parade. This guy has incredible talent but lacks heart. There is no way he will be a winner, anywhere. Oddly enough, his off and on play reminds me a lot of Brett Favre. I was never a Favre fan because of it. The guy would be lights out for a couple games in a row and then he would have that one bad game where you are left wondering how he even earned a starting roster spot. Although, Favre did have heart. Heart goes a long way.

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    no way should Favre ever be compared to Cutler--ever. Favre did what it takes to win and always gave 100 percent even when hurt. Cutler is a joke of a QB because he has a million dollar arm and knows it but has a 2 dollar head--The Bears have the Talent right now to win the NFC but wont and Cutler is a big reason why.

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