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    Selling lots of Inserts for pretty cheap

    I have over 700 inserts from 2000ish - 2009ish from all kinds of sets, some are numbered. Selling them for $0.15 each.

    Only looking to sell as lots, not searching for certain players or teams. Lots will be random, but I will try and spread everything out evenly.

    Thanks for your time,
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    Any 08-09 masterpieces?
    Looking for all Joffrey Lupul cards, 06-07 Parkhurst autos, all 08-09 Legends Masterpieces and all 11-12 Parkhurst Champions

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    I am interested, but because you won't divulge what you are sending, then I have some rules.

    Absolutely No Upper Deck garbage inserts after 2004 - Not interested in Victory, MVP, OPC, Upper Deck, UD PowerPlay, SP Auth. SPx crap inserts.

    No Parallel #/999 or greater.

    Preference on Pacific Brand cards. If you have no Pacific Issued cards, then I'm simply not interested in anything. Adrenaline, Atomic, Calder, Crown Royale, Exhibit, Exclusive, Heads-Up. Invincible, Pacific, Paramount, Omega, Quest For The Cup, Prism, Revolution, Supreme, Private Stock, Titanium
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    Sorry, like I said it will be randomed from all kinds of sets/years - no high end sets. I'm loweing the price though.

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    can you send me a pm on a bottom price delivered for all 700 ish please and thanks

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    Id caution you on this posting as rule/guideline #6 is very clear about "grab bags and lots" that don't have the cards listed that are included...

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    Thanks for the heads up - but I am listing that they are inserts, not sure if that matters or not.

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    No problem.. I think it refers to unnamed cards (without the player name,card manufact.,specifics for each card)

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