I'm going to close this thread, as lots like these are not allowed to be sold or traded on SCF. Please note the SCF Rules, and in particular the trading and selling guidlines :

Article I. Trading/Selling:SCF prides itself on its daily traders and will continue to do so as we have certain expectations that keep our members coming back every day.
Section 1.01 Members cannot trade/sell any of the following: (a) Incoming Cards – All items must be in your possession before you can post them in the Trade Manager. This includes any pending trades as well as all auction wins. (b) Weapons – No weapons or weapons components of any kind are permitted to be traded or sold on the site. This includes slings, grips, optics, magazines, knives, blades, nunchukus, brass knuckles, black jacks, batons, sling shots, paint ball guns, air soft guns, BB guns, ammunition, etc. (c) Grab Bags – These are the lots that will contain a possible chance of certain cards. The exception to this is team lots (lots that only contain usually commons of a particular team) and they can only be sold to cover the cost of shipping. (d) Packs/Boxes – No selling of packs or wax boxes of cards is permitted on SCF unless you are a staff member or sponsor. Factory sealed boxes of cards can be traded, but not packs. (e) Custom Cards/Reprints – Anything using a company’s design work, logo, etc., cannot be traded or sold. Likewise, any sort of facsimile of a person’s autograph without their consent cannot be traded or sold. (f) Live Animals of any kind are prohibited from being traded or sold on SCF.

If you've got large lots that are team specific - that's okay. (something like "I will sell a lot of 50 Toronto Maple Leaf inserts for $X"). Selling a totally random lot of inserts though, is not allowed. You need to let buyers know what they'll be getting.