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    LTTF - Trevor Linden As A Canuck - From 1995-1998 Then 2001-02 - 2007-08


    I am looking for all Trevor Linden Inserts and Parallels as a Canuck only. If you have Linden SP Serial Numbered Cards in Isles, Caps or Habs uniforms, I can take the parallels only if numbered less than #/400, or any Premier Dated SP's, Ice Blue, Holo-Gold, Holo-Silver, or Holo-Emerald.

    Linden Short Print Insert and Parallel Dates

    1995-1997-98 AND - 2001-02 - 2007-08

    Brands: Adrenaline, Atomic, BAP, BAP Memorabillia, BAP All-Star Series, BAP Signature Series, BAP Millennium, Beehive, Black Diamond, Bowman, Bowman's Best, Canucks Mohawk, Canucks Molson, Canucks Road Trip Art, Crown Royale, Donruss, Donruss Elite, Donrus Limited, Donruss Preferred, Donruss Canadian Ice, Finest, Mystery Finest, Flair, Fleer, ITGU, Leaf, Lweaf International, Leaf Preferred, Leaf Preferred Steel, OPC, OPC Chrome, Pacific, Pacfic Dynagon, Pacific Dynagon Ice, Pacific Calder Hockey, Pacific Complete, Pacific Exclusive, Pacific Exhibit, Pacific Heads-Up, Pacific Invincible, Pacific Omega, Pacific Prism, Pacific Quest For The Cup, Pacific Supreme, Paramount, Parkhurst, Pinnacle, Pinnacle Inside, Private Stock, Private Stock Reserve, Revolution, SP, SP Game-Used, SP Authentic, SPx, SPx Finite, Stadium Club, Titanium, Topps, Topps Chrome, Topps C-55, Topps Gold Label, Topps Heritage, Topps Picks, Topps Premier Plus, Topps Pristine, Topps Traded, ....Any Upper Deck Issued Products in a Canucks Uniform Short Printed Parallel Cards:

    Press Proofs
    Artists Proofs
    Ice Proofs
    Gold SP's
    Silver SP's
    Bronze SP's
    Copper SP's
    Ice Blue SP's
    Emerald Green SP's
    Dark Grey SP's
    Black SP's
    Blue SP's
    Red SP's
    Premier Dated SP's

    Any/All Coloured and Serial Numbered Parallels #/750 or Less.

    Send Me a PM if you have any, or post them on here.



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    Hi Tim, should have some, let ya know this weekend, have to dig for them

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    I know the Isles did a SGA set one year with him in it. I'll see if I can find a couple and if I do i'll send them to you.
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    Please, no more offers for tradebait. I have enough of it as it is.

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