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    How do you guys get 1/1 cards for your player collections?

    I'm starting one, and I have a feeling mine will be no where nearly as good as all of yours.
    Buying cards for my Adam Larsson PC.

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    We pay for them LOL

    A lot of times its just searching ebay or other websites at the right time and just stumbling upon them.

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    It's also who you know, I got my 2010-11 Championship Ticket of Phil Kessel for Andrew Connors, Thanks Andrew
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    Yep it also pays to have friends too.

    Always try to make friends with fellow collectors of the same player, you never know when they might have something for you.

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    When a product first comes out, they will most likely be there....If you know a 1/1 will be in a product, save money to make a good move for it. For instance, guy lafleur had 2 ITG superbox 1/1s.Both surfaced pretty quick.His enshrined 1/1 emblem and stickrack surfaced within 2 months.I could keep going but you get the point.The collectors that keep the cards buy them soon after the product is release and to never be seen again. Just keep looking, they most likely will pop up again! Hopefully
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    I'm confused what you are asking? Are you asking how to acquire them... you buy or trade?

    Or are you asking how to find them?

    SCF has inventory manager you can search it up for the 1/1s you need or want. As to where they actually are, you have to wait until the card surfaces thats how we all got ours.

    It's a waiting game.
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    Knowing what you're looking for (be, at least, semi-aware of releases and checklist info when it becomes available) and knowing where to look (forums, eBay, shows, whatever).

    That, and a little bit of luck.
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    Every single 1/1 i've gotten has been picked up from ebay.
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    It's a lot of luck, time, and dedication, check through box breaks, ebay, etc. You'll find one... eventually. (I still haven't :( )
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    There's definitely an element of luck and timing involved. I assume that you're going to be looking for Adam Larsson stuff based off your signature. He's going to be a fairly popular player so you may well have some competition. If you see an eBay BIN listing, you'll have to decide pretty quickly whether the price fits your budget or not. Auctions you may want to coordinate with other collectors of the player to see if they're chasing it or not - you can sorta divvy up what to chase and help keep each other's costs down...but that can be a bit of a Prisoner's Dilemma game.
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