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    Hello, I am very happy to be here!!!

    Hey everyone I just wanted to introduce myself, I just recently picked up the hobby of card collecting this year and already I need to slow down a little since it's making a minor dent in my bank account ;) Currently in the military awaiting to get medically separated due to injuries sustained earlier this year during a deployment, besides online classes and relearning to walk on robot legs I find myself with a lot of free time and thats the reason I started collecting cards again. At first I bought a few packs of 2012 Topps Series 1 Baseball cards just for nostalgic purposes, opening those wrappers made me feel like a kid again, but then one thing led to another, started browsing through card collector blogs, and card sites and finally eBay made things worse since nowadays I find myself up in the wee hours of the night looking to expand my collection via the help of eBay.

    Since I'm still fairly new I'm not really sure what I really want to focus on, right now it's a mix of being a set collector and a player collector. I love baseball and football and I like to think ofmyself as a die hard Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Tigers fan.

    Baseball Sets:
    2012 Topps Series 1/2
    2012 Bowman
    I'm looking to complete both sets and collect future years of Topps and BOWMAN

    Bought a few Blaster Boxes of Topps A&G and found out I didn't really enjoy collecting them as much, for the price I'm better of spending my money on other cards, I find A&G to be just a little... Weird!

    Justin Verlander
    Max Scherzer
    Prince Fielder
    Brian Wilson
    Darren O'Day (doesn't really count since he only has like 4 cards I think) I just like the guy because when the Orioles stopped by at the hospital a few months ago ol Darren pretty much spent almost half an hour of his time chatting it up with me, nice guy!

    Football Sets
    2012 Topps
    2012 Panini Rookies and Stars
    2012 Score (almost have this set complete, get tons of doubles and triples, I probably won't be collecting future years of this since it just looks a little bland to me.
    Bought a hobby box of 2012 Topps Finest and it's a little too pricey and I know this sounds weird to most of you but I seem to get more enjoyment for the Panini and regular Topps cards that I do with Finest.

    Tony Romo
    Jason Witten
    Calvin Johnson
    Cam Newton
    93-96 Dallas Cowboys

    I also love MMA and bought a few boxes of 2012 UFC Finest, they were great cards but I don't see myself finishing off the set anytime soon, I do collect a few autograph cards of some of my favorite fighters if they are affordable on eBay. Well I'm sure as time progresses I'll end up figuring out what I really want to focus on, perhaps focus on fewer individuals and fewer sets. Anyways I am totally looking forward to posting/reading here, and to eventually trade with some of you guys, I also look forward to trying out a few TTM's, I'm looking towards Daryl 'The Moose' Johnston for my first attempt! Finally I am also looking forward to purchasing a VIP membership soon!

    Have a good evening everyone!

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    Welcome to the site.

    Thank you for your service, it is greatly appreciated.

    I hear you on the wee hours and the dent in the bank account. lol

    Again welcome to the site, I know you will enjoy it here...Rick
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    Well thank you so much, I just spent about 5mins messing around with the inventory feature and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I'm looking forward to inputting my collection when I get the time next week!

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    Hey Hans! Its nice to have ya! I would also like to think you for your service, and for the sacrifice to our country. I have been in 5 years myself, and will be heading out on deployment at the beginning of March.

    You seem to have some pretty good collections going there, though I can't say I agree with your taste in football ;) You will see me all over the place, but mostly in the football forums. Make sure you send me a PM if you have any questions at all. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself so far!


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    Hello, and welcome to SCF...

    -Robert Lewis
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    autograph, & memorabilia cards!!!

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    Welcome to SCF! Thanks for your service. LMK if you have any questions!
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    Hey bud! Welcome to the site! Glad to have you here! Have fun building and expanding!

    Collecting Ben Gordon and a little bit of everything(Football and Baseball)!

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    Id like to welcome you to the site and also say thanks for your service to our country. We have a great group of people over here and I think you will find it easy to make friends. If you have a list of needs for your Topps football let me know and ill see what I have.

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    Thank you FC, I will definitely shoot you a PM once I finish up my inventory of Topps Football and come up with a WANT list, as far as making friends here, everyone I have come across has been extremely pleasant and helpful! Once again, thank you everyone!

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