I only collect football cards and I'd like to sell the pair at one time to one person for $5.00 dlvd with DC# included in the price...prefer gift so need to add $0.50 for goods payment, so $5.00 dlvd via paypal gift, or $5.50 dlvd via payment goods ... here are the 2 cards featured below, --SO-- the first member to post they will take them gets the lot! I will print the shipping label here at home, I'll get them packed tonight and dropped off at post office tomorrow for quickest turn-around possible !!! THANKS for the look !!! I f buyer is ok with it, I will send both cards in PWE FOR $4.00 PAYPAL GIFT!!! I just really want these gone, I have no use for them at all !!!

Here is what you will receive:

2005 Leaf Certified 'Fabric of the Game' John Kruk GU patch #FG-66 Ser.# 035/100 (2 color patch~white with red pinstripe)

2012 Limited 'Limited Materials' Dwight Doc Gooden GU jersey #16 Ser.# 028/149 (orange jersey)