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    totally forgot about that message you sent me...I wont break up my rainbow from Sterling or the 2012 Inception Rainbow..I also have a 1/1 from Prime Signatures pretty sure thats the exact name of set..I also am uploading newer/better scans

    here is some of what is listed on ebay..all prices are best offer...if we make a deal I will just close them on ebay since they are on a 30 day auction

    a scan for your viewing pleasure
    sick dual auto and Patch

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    You want these cards ONLY in Boise State uni's right? Just want to make sure.

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    Lions, if the price is really right, I would take a price on the SPA auto (not the patch) of Titus. Other than that, I'm good.

    Dalton, PM sent!

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    You already have everything lol. Great stuff J.R.

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    Not quite everything, but I am trying!

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    Don't remember if it was you or another Boise State fan I discussed this card with a while back...but if it was someone else, do you need this one?

    Ian Johnson auto /199

    Also have this (not very exciting):

    UD Kellen Moore RC (pardon the bad scan)
    Bucket: Hidden Content (a work in progress - transitioning from photobucket)
    Currently trading for: 2013/14 Intrigue Slam Ink | 2005/06 SP Signature Edition Signatures | Yadi, Waino, Piscotty

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    have a spa gold shadowbox of moore in bucket under patches if interested pm me

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