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    looking for info on this card ryan nugent hopkins tribute the cup


    i dont know if its a variant from is arp since its numbered 180 same has is /99, being the first year they make rc in the tribute set make me wonder is like a poe or something really special..any help would be greatly appreciated. thank

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    It's the Sidney Crosby Tribute, not a variant/parallel of his RPA. It, however, is a very, very special hit, and many PC collectors would love to get it for their PC.

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    Definitely a very cool card. Remember too that Sid's Cup RC from 05-06 was #180, and all of the cards are like that accordingly.

    I don't really see why they're rushing to make Tribute cards of guys that are rookies, but hey, it's the hot rookie player of the year so might as well milk it, right?
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    alright want to make sure i got an offer in trade which i think its really good

    5x crosby letter mark from 06-07 c.r.o.s.b obviously the miserious y is missing ..which book at 600 a piece
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    i think it depends on the if you wanna sell it or trade it...its hard to put an exact value on cards that are a 1/1 or graded to a 10 i kinda think. SEEMS like a good trade, but also I think you would get a ton of cash for it on eBay to buy whatever you want
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    If you PC Thornton definitely take that deal. If you don't, I would hold off for a little bit. It's hard trading 1 card for a ton as far as value goes.

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