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Thread: any troy aikmans for sale

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    any troy aikmans for sale

    gotta slow down on all the buying ive been doing and just going to focus on my player pc
    looking for anything i dont have
    i do need a scan if possible

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    have any interest in this?

    1995 topps finest chromium bronze landmark card (brick)

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    yeah i am...what do you need for it

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    im not really sure bud. i have seen them go from $8.00 to $25.00. they consistantly go for $15-$20.

    how does $15 shipped with dc sound?

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    thanks but ill pass

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    I've got a ton of Aikman base and inserts. I'm new to the site so not really sure how things work. If its possible shoot me a message or a PM

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    just give me a list of the inserts if they are serial numberedthanksjeff

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