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    Master Buying LaDainian Tomlinson Thread. Bring them to me!!

    Alright gang I am making this thread to serve as my master buying thread for LaDainian Tomlinson. I will be looking for anything I can get my hands on of him, with a few exceptions.

    Please Read:

    I am going to leave photobucket links to my Base, Inserts, Rookies and #ed Inserts. This is for you to know what I already have and what I will be looking for. Everything is nice a neatly organized so you will be able to go to anything you are looking for very easily.

    Looking for anything I currently don't have!

    Inserts: Looking for anything I currently don't have!

    #ed Inserts: Currently looking for any I don't have with 1 exception. If it is very low #ed I will look at getting doubles!

    Rookies: Here's where I am picky. I will only get rookies of him that have been graded by PSA or BGS and the grades must be PSA 10 or BGS 9.5 or higher!

    And lastly I am after any Jerseys, Patches, Autos or 1 of 1's. Or a combination of those. I will take anything weather it be just him or duals,triples or quads with other people. Of course you know I'll be looking for deals but I am always willing to work with anyone that will work with me. SCF is a great place and I have made a lot of friends and trades along the way. So people of this great community bring me some LT'S!!!

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    Made these up for someone...may have been you...I forget...

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    I have these so far and will dig through my boxes to see what else I have. I know I have some more inserts/paralells: oh, and the pics dont do them justice with the scratches on the top loaders or cases. I assure you, they are PRESTINE Condition with no flaws. Otherwise I wouldnt display or sell them.
    09 R&S Longevity 2 clr patch #'d 01/25! CHARGERS

    2010 Finest Black Refractor #'d to /99 JETS

    and this is just my showoff but always possible for the right price:
    09 Bowman Sterling Green Refractor auto #'d 01/10! CHARGERS

    LMK if interested in any.

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    Stanggeo: I know I don't need any of the Running Back Royalty Cards or the Red Starquest. Are the others #ed if so what too?

    Trueduckfan: I could use all of those if you could PM me prices that would be great and anything else you may dig up I need.

    sk1222: I could use the Patch and the Triple. The other I have but I may take a extra. I can also use the black mini you have. Could you PM what you need on them please?

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    3rd row numbers from left to right

    White Topps Chrome #534/869
    R&S Longevity #230/249
    R&S Longevity #59/99
    Topps Progression Gold #047/199

    4th Row numbers from left to righ

    Topps Progression Silver #240/299
    Topps Chrome Copper Ref #311/425
    Topps Chrome Blue Ref not numbered
    Elite Series #018/199

    5th row numbers from left to right:

    Icons #112/125
    Elite Prime Targets #381/899
    Elite Prime Targets #425/899

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    Stanggeo: Here's what I don't need The Copper or Progression Silver. I only need one of the Prime targets and I could use one of the own the games.

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    I sent you a PM minus the Starquest, The 3 RB Royalty cards, the Copper Chrome, The Silver Progression, one of the Prime Targets, and one Own the Game...LET'S DEAL!! :-)

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    See anything else you like right now, brother?

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