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    Tilte basically explains............ again I am not trading...only selling...

    LMK what you like.....

    Matt Jones UD Rookie Kickoff
    Roddy Write UD rookie Kickoff (btoh of the Kickoffs are swet looking cards!!
    Corey Webster - Donruss leaf rc and stars
    Scott Starks - Donruss leaf rc and stars
    Travis Daniels - Topps Total
    Alvin Pearman (x2)<<>>(1 with silver trim<<>>1 with white trim)-Topps Total
    Oshiomogho Atogwe - Topps Total
    Donte Nicholson - Topps Total
    Ciatrick Fason - Topps Total
    Alex Smith - Topps Total
    Troy Williamson/Ciatrick Fason - donruss leaf rookies & stars nfl checklist
    Manuel Weight - donruss leaf rookies & stars
    Antonio Perkins - donruss leaf rookies & stars
    Robert McCune - donruss leaf rookies & stars
    Cedric Killings - donruss leaf rookies & stars true green (insert) #d 097/100
    Alex Smith - donruss leaf rookies & stars slideshow 0648/1250
    Anquan Boldin - Fleer ultra
    Donald Reche Caldwell 855/999 - Topps reserve
    Donald Reche Caldwell - UD MVP
    Donald Reche Caldwell - Score
    Willis Mcgahee - UD rookie premeires (traded)
    Larry Johnson - UD rookie premeires (traded)
    Herb Haygood 632/999 - Topps reserve
    Wendell Bryant 0933/1375 - UD freshman Honor roll
    Sultan McCullough 0681/1100 - Playoffs Absolute memorabilia
    Brian Greise - Fleer Brilliants
    Clinton Portis - Fleer (traded)
    Chris Simms (very sweet insert) - press pass JE
    Onterrio Smith - press pass JE
    Byron Leftwich - press pass JE
    Byron Leftwich - UD MVP (traded)
    Daniel Graham - Bowman
    Deion Branch - UD MVP (sweet card!!) (traded)
    Josh McCown - Bowman
    Javon Walker - Score
    Javon Walker - Bowman
    Mike Williams - Score
    Mike Williams - press pass JE (insert)
    Antonio Bryant - UD MVP
    Dallas Clark - UD Rookie premieres
    Josh Reed - Press Pass JE
    Jabar Gaffney - press Pass JE
    Patrick Ramsey - Topps
    Patrick Ramsey - UD Honor Roll Students of the Game
    Pactrick Ramsey - Bowman
    Ron Dayne - Fleer/skybox Impact
    Charles Woodson - Edge Advangtage
    Chester Taylor - UD MVP
    Chester Taylor/Cliff Russell - fleer
    Chester Taylor - Score
    Cliff Russel - press pass JE
    Tom Brady - Fleer/skybox Impact (traded)
    David Garrard - Bowman
    Justin McCarenins - UD rookie watch
    Peter Boulware - Pinnacle Top Newcomers
    Ron Johnson - press pass JE
    Musa Smith - UD rookie premieres
    Ladell Bettis - press pass JE
    Shaun Alexander - UD MVP (traded)
    Maurice Morris - UD honor roll student of the game
    Laveranues Coles - UD MVP
    Tim Carter - Bowman
    Tim Carter - Score
    Lee Suggs - UD Star Rookies (insert)
    Talman Gardner - UD Star Rookies (insert)
    Kyle Johnson - Bowman
    David Carr - Pacific Adrenaline
    Jabar Gaffney - Topps
    Jabar Gaffney - Score
    Labrandon Toefield - UD MVP (insert)
    Justin Fargas - UD rookie Premieres
    Justin Gage - UD star Rookies (insert)(traded)
    Brian St. Pierre - UD Rookie Premeires
    Plaxico Burress - Fleer/skybox Impact (awesome card!!)
    Antwann Randle El - Pacific (draft)
    Antwann Randle El - Score
    T.J. Duckett - Bowman
    David Garrad/Rohan Davey - Fleer Skybox
    Eric Crouch - Bowman
    Brandon Doman - UD MVP
    Rohan Davey - UD rookie premieres
    Jason McCaddley - Bowman
    Freddie Millons - Bowman
    Marquise Walker - Bowman
    Justin Peele - Bowman
    Chad Hutchinson - Bowman
    Dwight Freeney - Score
    Tank Williams - Bowman
    Anthony Weaver - Score
    Brad Banks - Topps
    Ross Tucker - Bowman
    Joey Harrington - Score
    Jon Mcgraw - Bowman
    Chad Johnson - UD VIctory
    Andre Davis - Score
    William Green - Score
    Gerard Warren - UD Victory
    Kyle Johnson - Bowman
    Raonall Smith - Score
    Philip Buchanon - Score
    Adrian Peterson - Score (traded)
    J.R. Tolver - Topps
    Deion Sander - Topps
    Adam Archuleta - UD Vintage
    Barry Sanders - Pro Set
    Barry Sanders - Topps
    Jeff George - Fleer
    Andre Ware - Fleer
    Derrick Thomas - Score
    Shane Conlan - Topps Super Rookie
    Jerome Brown - Topps Super Rookie
    Dennis Gibson - Topps Super Rookie
    D.J. Dozier - Topps Super Rookie
    Henry Thomas - Topps Super rookie
    Alonzo Highsmith - topps Super Rookie
    John Vosa - Tops Super Rookie
    Michale Irvin - Topps super Rookie ('89)
    Troy Aikman - Topps
    Andre Rison - Score
    I also have a bunch of "90 Score RC's if you need any...
    and I have a lot of the pro set '89 RC's and commons if you need them for your set!!

    I also got a bunch of '89 '90 RC's - just LMK what you need with those one's

    Roy Williams - UD Game Worn Jersey DC (dallas)(traded)
    Jake Plummer (Arizona)
    Brett Favre - Fleer/skybox Genuine Article (traded)
    Deltha O'neal (Denver)
    Byron Leftwich - donruss leaf rookies & stars Great American Heroes GU #d 192/250
    Shaun Alexander (SP)
    (incoming GU's) - Champ Bailey All Pro... Terrell davis...

    Nice Inserts:
    Daunte Culpepper Playoffs Absolute Memoribilia Spectrum #d 010/150
    Micheal Vick - 2003 (skybox) Fleer Ultra Award Winner
    Marshall Faulk -UD MVP top ten performers
    Quadry Ismail - UD Ionix
    Doug Williams - Topps Super Bowl XXII MVP Ring of Honor
    Micheal Strahan - UD MVP top ten performers
    Tim Couch - UD MVP Term MVP
    Randy Moss - fleer/skybox Impact rewind 99
    Jerry Rice - UD power surge
    Jerome Bettis - fleer/skybox authority football
    Fred Taylor - UD MVP strictly buisness
    Elvis Joseph - UD Honor Roll Standout Sophmores
    Tom Brady - Topps Chrome weekly wrap up
    Ricky Watter - fleer/skybox genuine
    Tshimanga Biakabutuka - pacific
    Tony Gonzalez - fleer/skybox impact rewind 99
    Juinor Seau - fleer/skybox tradition throwbacks
    Brett Favre - tpps hobby hasters - Pinnacle instincts
    Mcnabb - UD super powers
    P. Manning
    Preist Holmes Total Production (nice card!!)- Topps Total

    Triple Threats
    Arizona Cardinals - Plummer/Jones/Boston
    Dallas Cowboys - Carter/Smith/Ismail (traded)
    Kansas City Chiefs - Green/Holmes/Morton

    If there is anything you want to buy or trade for let me know


    I have a UD Victory Shawn Marion RC card #438 (traded)

    All I am selling right now is the UD Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie card (Traded) ----- I have Randy Johnson Rookie's, Deion Sanders RC's, just let me know who you need and I'll tell you if I have them or not.....Also I have a bunch of Nolan Ryans, inserts and all that stuff so let me know if you want a nice lot of him!!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    no longer a collector? that was fast eh Steelersrock??

    Didnt u just join the site only a few weeks ago, u gotta be patient pal, if people dont respond to your posts, its simplky because they have nothing they want, I mean, i post all the time, and dont get replies all the time, thats just how it is, but dont stop being a collector

    Rob H

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    thanx guys................
    but I originally joined to sell and make some money.... but the whole "trade" thing I started really enjoying, and now I find I am getting distracted...I was able to make some good tyrades and get good cards though that I think I can sell easier than my old ones........

    but no I am not just giving up.........

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    plz only post if you are interested...... I have made my decision

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    interested in these rookies:
    Anquan Boldin - Fleer ultra
    Antwann Randle El - Score
    Tank Williams - Bowman
    Chad Johnson - UD VIctory
    Barry Sanders - Topps

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    You were so happy about trading just last night. Why the sudden move??? Did you realize you couldn't get nothin' out of your cruddy cards so you sell for 5 cents apiece.

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