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Thread: AFLAC set - sale/trade?

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    AFLAC set - sale/trade?

    Does anyone have an AFLAC set for sale or trade?

  2. Kronozio
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    I have 2 extras. Let me know if youre interested

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    I am very interested. What are you looking for in exchange? and it's a 2004 set, right?

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    No, sorry but its a redemption for the 2005 set. If youre still interested let me know.

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    Sorry, but i was looking for a 2004 base set. I already have 2 chrome and refractor for the 2005 set.


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    Does anyone have a 2004 base set that they have already redeemed for trade?

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    Would you trade an 05 Chrome set for something? What is the value on the chrome also

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    The chrome set books for $25, sorry but im not looking to trade it right now

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