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    Will be attempting my very first TTM in a few days from now, need some advice please.

    So I will be attempting my very first couple of TTM's to both Bill Romanowski and Darryl Johnston, I will be sending a base Topps card of no particular value (bought a lot of 3 per for 99c on eBay) so if I don't get it back it won't be that big of a deal... Well cept for the emotional scarring of being burned by two of my favorite athletes ever LOL! So just to verify I am not messing this up, I have read through a few TTM sites and this is my load out plan.

    (1) SASE w/ 'Do Not Bend' written on front
    (1) Card
    (1) Top Loader
    (1) Short 1 page letter
    (1) Larger security envelope

    Load out:

    Put SASE inside large envelope, card I front of SASE, Top Loader in front of card, Letter folded in half over SASE/card/Top Loader... Does that sound about right?

    Any tips on what I should write in the letter?

    Well any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    make it short an sweet how you like watching them play am i also ask them if thay can personalize it to your name
    have the letter on office so its less pen work
    if you look in the data base my name is tonyt1957

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    What do you mean by have the letter on office so it's less pen work? And how do I look you up on the data base?

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    i have a pre typed letter so i just have to type in the players name
    office 2010 i send out 60 letters a week have a 90% return rate

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    I disagree with Tony, no disrespect Tony, but I think having it typed takes away from the personal touch of hand writing it out. That is just my humble opinion. Also, I wouldn't send it in a top loader, because either they will sign it IN the toploader, or bend the corners trying to get it back in. I have had only 5 or so, of 200+ come back with bent corners. You could always put a protective index card in the SASE.

    As of the guys you are sending to, just be prepared to wait a while for returns on both. Daryl Johnston was a 271 day return, and Bill Romanowski is 100+ and counting. Johnston was a GREAT return though.
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    no disrsepct was taken i dont use top loaders or penny loaders my self for the same reason
    with the penny loaders i have had them sign the sleeve lol
    but i will take your advice an try some hand written ones thanks

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    Well I sent the letter off today, Friday, September 21st, 2012, hopefully this will be a success, next three people I am thinking off in no particular order Bill Romanowski, Jay Novacek, and Mike Modano (if he signs my card I shall start collecting hockey cards!).

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    Good luck, and don't get discouraged. Its a numbers game, the more you send out, the more you get back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pktwsu99 View Post
    Good luck, and don't get discouraged. Its a numbers game, the more you send out, the more you get back.
    Thnx, going to be sending out the next TTM tomorrow to Bill Romanowski! After that it'll be Mike Modano.

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    I just realized I screwed up, in all the excitement I just now realized that I wrote down the we g address, sent it to the one listed with 0% success, guess I should expect a RTS on that one, will be retryg again soon with the address w/ better feedback.

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