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    Selling a big part of my collection!

    Hey guys. I'm going to try this again...I'm selling a good portion of my collection. I really need to start selling as soon as possible. Want to get a head start on my student loans and this may help put a small dent in that. I know it won't be much, but it will help. I do not have any prices on these cards so make offers please. Again, I do not have any set prices, so offers only. All reasonable offers will be accepted, but please keep in mind this is in no way a fire sale! Thanks!

    - I accept PayPal. If paying with Goods & Services, please add $2 to the overall purchase price to cover fee.

    AGAIN, I'm taking offers ONLY right now. If you ask for prices, I will NOT have an answer for you.

    If I get the right offers, I will sell my Dylan Bundy cards.

    Some of the bigger cards:

    Tim Lincecum RC /99

    Aroldis Chapman RC /25

    Aroldis Chapman mini RC, RC /99, RC 1/1

    Aroldis Chapman RC refractors, /25, /50, /150

    Archie Bradley autos

    Archie Bradley refractors, 25/25, /50, /199

    Dylan Bundy auto

    Dylan Bundy 1/1

    Michael Phelps GU /25
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