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    Did I photomatch this properly? Stanton Bat

    Hi, I picked up a GU Stanton Marrucci Bat from a Marlins tent sale last night (9/19/12).

    The MLB Authentication code comes back to September 4th, 2012 (a game I went to by the way) as a 6th inning single off of Shawn Marcum.

    The bat is broken, and the single was a broken bat bloop single to CF.

    He used the same bat in the second inning from what I belive I photomatched (Strikeout) and....

    a Fourth Inning HR to CF. (I believe I photomatched the knob)

    I also have a self photo I took, of the 6th inning at bat. In addition, I have a photo of the swing where it broke too.

    Here's what I have, let me know what you guys think. I wish I could buy that Getty Image I posted, which is of the HR swing.

    On another note, what should I do with this tape?
    I'd like to remove it to expose more of the bat, and redo it with black electrical tape.
    What do you guys think? Would I end up stripping any pine tar under it if I did that?

    Thanks and enjoy the pix!

    My Album on photobucket, for higher resolution pix.

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    Thank you.

    I honesty hate that I have it now- I've started to look for game used items for my collection.

    I didn't have much before this one.

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    Bats are so tough, either way it is real nice.

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    as a fellow bat collector leave the tape where it isz at..they do it to keep the bat together if it is broke but not all the way..its a nice addition to have to ur gu items..i do sticks, gets tough to get some players but have fun collecting..

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