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    Sometimes a deal works out and sometimes it doesn't. The guy wasn't interested in the Seguin, which is his choice, and he felt that the value assigned to it didn't line up with his own perceived value of the card. When that's the case, a deal isn't likely. Part ways, no hard feelings, on to the next offer.
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    This is not a case of either trader being difficult. You agreed with his valuation of around $500 for his card and he said he would sell it for $475. You wanted to do a trade & sale deal but in that situation you need to have a card he wants and values at $350 if you want to go $125 paypal.

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    1. Seguin ice rookie /99 does not and wont ever sell for anything near 160$ His valuation is way off on the card. (making it difficult)

    2. I was polite and had good communication yet he felt like I was verbally attacking him? (very difficult and confusing)

    3. He seemed to be reprimanding me for being so hostile, when i was nothing of the sort. shut down my offer on account of his misinformation, and put 0 effort into trying to work another deal with me.

    I get that he has every right to shut down my deal if hes not interested in it, and that part does not bother me at all. but this whole process of trying to make this trade was a terrible experience for me, confusing and frustrating, if you don't see it, then hopefully it happens to you a couple of times.

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    Again, a case of the card holder thinking he/she is special. Just get on with it, it's a very, very small bump in the road.

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    Wow, I just saw this. Not a very good job on removing names there Andrew, I'm pretty sure anyone who's seen my card posted or has dealt with me before can identify me, so I might as well make a couple of points. It's one thing to publicly call me out and post our PRIVATE MESSAGES to tell your side of the story, but it's another when you knowingly omit a message I sent you to gain favor in your behalf. By the end of our conversation I had no ill feelings towards you, I just didn't have enough interest in the Seguin to agree to a deal, and in honest truth, I personally didn't see your version being worth $200 more than the /499 card just because UD made an error with the serial number. It's not like there are 600 of his Ice RC's out there.

    So to everyone who has posted and read Andrew's thread, here is the one email he decided to hide from you that I sent, it was towards the end our of dealings:


    I think I would rather just let things remain civil between us and move on. I did my part in proving the value of my card through a series of links and actual selling prices. It is my belief that you should be able to do the same with yours instead throwing the onus on me. Telling me to more research on your card is a bit baffling considering you haven't put any effort in yourself to provide evidence of what it's worth. I have several others who have been patiently waiting for me to respond, so I sincerely wish you the best and will now start caring for those requests.


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    So after I kindly turned down his offer and told him I was moving on, he opted not to respect my wishes and continued emailing me trying to work out a deal. That's when I felt the need to be a little more direct and these messages where sent:

    [HIM] I'll still consider an offer from you if you want to make one, but the exclusivity I was giving you will no longer apply. I have 8 others who have emailed me offering BGS 9.5 Tavares Ice /99, Eberle Ice /99, Eberle YG HG to Crosby Patch Autos. I will now be responding to their offers and taking the best deal I can find.

    [ME] My offer was a Seguin Ice /99 RC and 125 paypal, if your counter offer is still the Seguin +325 cash then i will have to decline, otherwise let me know. thanks

    [HIM] I'm just not interested enough in the Seguin Ice to agree to an offer like that. I'm going to pass.

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    Fairy Nuff....

    Glad to have now heard both sides of the story. My apologies to you clearshot. He made it sound that you thought your card was special. Great to see the truth come out.

    Now in regards to the OP? Do your laundry elsewhere.


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    And with that, we be finished here.
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