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    Looking for a Troy Aikman/Emitt smith or deion dallas g/u card

    I am looking for some cowboys gameused and possibly an auto of either Troy Aikman, emmit smith or deion sanders...all in cowboys uniforms. These would be for my fiance since she is a cowboys fan...and i absoulutely hate them. Lol...anyways lmk what you got.

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    sportscardsnstuff- I would love to sell any of these, but I'm also open to trades, PLMK

    2000 U.D. Legends Ken Norton Jr. 'Legendary Game Jersey' #LJ-KN (white jsy)
    2001 Private Stock Troy Aikman 'Game Worn Gear' #40 (white jsy)
    2003 Sage Terence Newman RC auto #A31 Ser.# 163/260
    2003 Sage Hit Terence Newman RC auto #A4
    2003 Playoff Honors 'Jersey Tandems' Terence Newman/Marcus Trufant #JT-15 (Newman white jsy/Trufant blue mesh)
    2003 U.D. Finite Terence Newman 'Finite Jerseys' (white jsy)
    2003 U.D. 'Rookie Futures' Terence Newman RC #RF-TN (blue jsy)
    2003 Playoff Contenders 'Rookie Ticket' Zuriel Smith RC auto #174 Ser.# 513/989
    2004 Fleer Authentix 'General Admission' Roy Williams #JA-RW2 Ser.# 069/350 (blue jsy)
    2004 Leaf Cert. Materials 'Fabric of the Game' Michael Irvin #FG-70 Ser. # 037/100 (white jsy)
    2004 U.D. Reflections 'Pro Cuts' Roy Williams #PC-RW (blue mesh jsy)
    2004 U.D. Reflections 'Pro Cuts' Roy Williams #PC-RW (white jsy)
    2005 Sage Hit SILVER Marion Barber III auto #A20
    2005 Press Pass Marion Barber RC auto

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    WEll right now i wana trade:

    I could use the troy aikman and the Michel irvin jsy...along with the roy williams general admision.

    check my site and lmk

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    ru interested in RC's of cowboys players(stars like aikman and irvin)


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    sportscardsnstuff-would you trade the quad jsy for the Irvin & Aikman & Roy Williams? PLMK

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