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    Who has gotten any elected officials autos in person or email?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has any luck with getting elected officials autographs in person or by email? I have got a couple by email like senaters and governors and i got 2 in person 1 time. I was wondering if you have got some in person where is the best place 2 get them and what do you get signed. I like the business cards. I was also thinking about going 2 DC and walk around and see if i can get anyone their. If anyone has story or tips please post and I will be greatful thanks Chris

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    bill clinton and obama during the 08 election, carter and hw bush ttm

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    I got Ron Paul in DC when I was there a few yrs ago for a student National Security forum. Wasn't a collector back then but all I did was walk into his office and talked to him a little bit then he signed a copy of the Constitution for me and took a picture with me. Not a fan of his at all but it was an opportunity to meet a visible member of Congress. You can pretty much just walk into any congressmen's office. they pride themselves on being open to constituents.

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    I tryed emails and so far i got 3 Governors back. They took 3,4 and 5 days and still waiting for more

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    I know this is a old post but i was wondering if anyone has been to DC to graph them. If so how did you make out and how manythings did theysign for you? Also if anyone wants to meet up and try our luck their and see how we do with autos just pm me. Thanks Chris

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    look up Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains Ga. I. Went to the same college as Pastor Jeff. jimmy Carter teaches a Sunday school class a couple of times a month. Very few normally show up, although CNN tapes every service. He and Roselyn pose with anyone that wants a photo. No autographs at church, but they go to the only diner in town after the service. He has signed for me there three times. So did Mrs. carter. The food is good too. And you can eat right next to them. Small place. Oh, the SS guys are pretty good about things too.

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    Went again last Sunday. First off, his class on forgiveness was spot on and an inspiration. Mr. Jimmy and Mrs. Carter are awesome. I had an original campaign poster from 1976. Luckily I was in position to get it signed. You'll never see that for sale. Living history, those two folks! And fine Americans. Plains,Ga is a treasure.
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