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Thread: Unknown NFL Shield material

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    Unknown NFL Shield material

    There's a 1/1 NFL shield auto for rcs in the new Panini Momentum.
    The back of the card states that the shield is in fact cut from an authentic item. I'm curious if anyone knows what that might be.
    Could it be a helmet? It's too slick to be from a jersey.
    Here's what I'm talking about:
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    That is from the front of the Jersey. The New jersey have those style NFL logos now.
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    great question, did you call or email panini?
    ask them on there blog is also an option

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    Good question. The back of the card says that it was taken from an item worn/used by the player. The word "used" could mean anything from a helmet to a water bottle to a chair he sat on. It definitely doesn't look like any type of cloth material that would be on a jersey.

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    the nfl logo is from the jersey, the new nfl jerseys have these plastic like logos.
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    yea was wondering that myself. Di you win that card? I love the look of it.
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    It's the new NFL shield off the new Nike jerseys. From the front, at the bottom of the neck.

    Now they are a rubber compound instead of a material, stitched patch.

    Even the cheap new Nike jerseys have this now. Check out any new Nike made jersey, and you'll see this new rubber NFL logo.

    Read somewhere this is designed to be able to discern the fakes from an authentic Nike made jersey. We'll see how long the fakers take to copy it.

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