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    Eugene Lockhart came back today, sent 2 cards asking him to keep 1, however ended up personalizing and signing both cards I sent, thnx Mr Lockhart!!!

    This thread should be called TheCardBandits success thread!

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    Good Luck in your quest.

    In 1997, I collected the Fleer baseball set (500 cards) since the cards had nice photos and were plain (non-glossy) paper stock. I was at a card show in a mall in Florida and somebody said that Ruben Rivera was in the food court, so I grabbed my blue sharpie and pulled the card out of the set and had him sign it. I was blown away by how nice the card looked signed in blue and began my own quest to get all 500 cards signed.

    I made some rules for myself that I now somewhat regret.
    1. I had to get the card signed in person (hand them the card, they sign it and hand it back to me).
    2. I would not pay to get any of them signed by a particular person. I may pay to get into a team event or a ceremony where guys sign, but I wouldn't pay a specific price for a specific player's autograph at a show or appearance.

    Right now I have 319 of the 500 signed, mostly from spring training over the years. I think there are 5 deceased players, none of whom I have (Ken Caminiti, Kirby Puckett, Rod Beck, Daryl Kile, and there may be one more). I am picky about getting them in blue sharpie, but maybe 20 of them are signed in black sharpie when the players wouldn't change pens. Only one is in ball point pen which is Derek Jeter. About 5 years ago I thought maybe I could get to around 350. I am now considering mailing some out since the only guys I can get these guys are coaches or broadcasters so I have gotten 5 or less each of the past several years. When I started I was sometimes getting 10 guys in a single day.

    I am also working on the 1997 Donruss 8x10 card set which I think is a 34 card set. I have about 26 of these signed and they look great since they aren't expensive (much cheaper than 8x10s) and usually the player signs a pretty big autograph.

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