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    Does anybody still use the Football Beckett

    Just wondering if anyone still buys the football beckett

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    I'll buy it if I see it. Like to look at the product reviews and collector pages. Prices, I don't bother with. Seems people go by ebay prices anyways. Price on the magazine is a bit ridiculous though. Not a fan of that at all.

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    I pay for the monthly OPG but rarely use it. The only time I really like to use it is on my smartphone when I am at a show and don't trust the dealers on their asking price. It has saved me from buying over-priced cards at shows a few times so it usually pays for itself, but $9 a month is my limt. If they raise the price again then I am dropping it.

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    I have a subscription. I use it only when at shows and people ask BV's when buying. Otherwise i have gone to the SV side of the world.

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    good stuff there. i trent to go by gma site they reflect the current online prices on ebay . really its what the market will pay too. now shows have no idea haven't been to a show in years. heck what sells at shows now days anyway

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    I have never understood it's purpose. It says this card is worth $20, but it sells repeatedly between $8-$10. Then it says this card is worth $20, but I have never seen it sell for less than $35. I do not see the point. Just my opinion...

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    Haven't touched it in years, nor the OPG...

    Only thing I get is the annual mag since it has a lot more content

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    Quote Originally Posted by patriotsguy View Post
    Haven't touched it in years, nor the OPG...

    Only thing I get is the annual mag since it has a lot more content
    Yes, the annual. Other than that, it's just expensive firewood (rolled up) or toilet paper (don't use the covers - paper cuts).

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    some guy at the local flea market has several tables where he sells the previous month's issue of many magazines for a buck. Beckett football,basketball and baseball are one of them along with several other sports mags . I usually pick those 3 up every couple months along with my British soccer mags that are imported over here.
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    I'll pick it up if I see it which is frankly very rare. I read the articles and like the general info on cards but the price guide is useless.

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