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    Anybody want the Denver Broncos...set highlights Elway so could be a nice haul..

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    PM me a price on the Broncos. I'm interested.

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    Checklist is now posted on Panini's blog if y'all want to see what your teams have for potential hits. Can't wait for the break!

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    PM me a price on Broncos if they have not sold.....

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    Please feel free to PM an offer..I don't have a price in mind...

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    Release day is here! Any more details on when this break might be happening?

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    October 17th is the release date for cases shipped to local cardshops......i believe online wholesalers receive their shipments a few days guess is ryan gets the case next week....but we may get lucky and its arrives this weekend.

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    Anybody want to throw a late offer to me for the Redskins pick. I collect Emmitt Smith for trade (card(s) that I don't have). PM me if you wish, and I'll let you know. Thanks.
    Hidden Content or check my SCF inventory (to the left) for inserts /parallels /autographs /game used & relics /rookies. Emmitt Hidden Content .
    -My unofficial Emmitt card count (not counting 1 of 1's I don't have): 4,680/7,161 = 65% (different cards as of 8/14/17).(#ed=1,695, gu=592, autos=66, 1 of 1's=6)
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