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    Paid....ready for the randomization!!!!

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    So when is this thing kicking off? I'm still new here, I've signed up for a few breaks but none have started yet, is the person running the show going to PM us when its time for our pick, or do we keep checking in here?

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    Everyone who hasn't paid, please do we can begin.

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    You don't have me paid when I paid yesterday. Please confirm receipt of payment. Thanks.


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    ry- where are we sitting? anychance the break happens this weekend?

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    product isnt live for 2 weeks..but we should certainly randomize the picks so that trades can occur...the chrome thread which doesn't come out until next month is complete and trade talks are flaring...we should be doing the everyone paid?

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    did the release date change? I thought it was coming out this week

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