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    Group Case Break - 2012 Panini Certified Hobby Case (8 Boxes) - Team Draft!

    Release Date - October 17th, 2012

    Configuration: 8 boxes per case. 10 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

    - 4 Autograph/Memorabilia cards (at least one autograph)
    - 3 Mirror parallels
    - 1 Immortal
    - 1 New Generation Rookie
    - 1 other insert/parallel

    - Commons 1-150
    - Immortals 151-200
    - Immortals Materials 201-250
    - New Generation Rookies 251-315
    - Freshman Fabric 316-350

    Look for six or more autographs from players like Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, Drew Brews, Peyton Manning, John Elway, Tony Romo, Emmitt Smith, Tom Brady, Bart Starr, Michael Vick, Philip Rivers, Dan Marino, Cam Newton, Jerry Rice, Joe Namath, Julio Jones, Barry Sanders, Brett Favre, Gale Sayers, Jim Brown, Joe Montana, Deion Sanders, Marshall Faulk, Arian Foster, DeMarco Murray, Julio Jones, Sam Bradford, Greg Jennings, Jason Witten, Jay Cutler, Matthew Stafford, Reggie Wayne, Victor Cruz, Tim Tebow, Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson, Ryan Tannehill, Justin Blackmon, Brandon Weeden, Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright, and Doug Martin.


    - Autographed Material Rookie Cards "Freshman Fabric" featuring Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson, Ryan Tannehill, Justin Blackmon, Brandon Weeden, Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright, and Doug Martin, sequentially numbered to 499 or less.
    - Elway Collection Materials - Highlights some of the greatest achievements by one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. Look for autograph versions sequentially numbered to 10 or less.
    - Look for Mirror Material Gold, Emerald and Black cards featuring prime swatches of material or autographs sequentially numbered to 25 or less.

    Certified Skills Prime Materials
    Key skill-position players are fully represented with sweet oversized swatches.

    Freshman Fabric Mirror Black
    Look for jersey, shoe and football swatches in Freshman Fabric, bringing you closer to the game than ever.

    Elway Collection Prime Materials
    Twelve years later, the pioneering John Elway Collection returns with updated autograph and memorabilia cards honoring one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

    Rookie Fabric of the Game Team Die Cut Signatures
    True to Certified's storied history, these autographed cards include jumbo swatches that are showcased with a unique team name die-cut.

    Immortals Mirror Gold Materials
    Featuring historic swatches from players whose names will live forever in the minds of all football fans.

    Essential Signatures
    The all-new Essential Signatures autograph chase puts the spotlight on 15 must-have players for the 2012 season.

    Certified Rookie Prime Materials

    Rookie Combo NFL Shields


    This group break is going to be done as a team draft break. After you post your interest in a slot number, I will put your name in the list. After it is filled and paid, I will randomize the MEMBER SLOT LIST. That will give us our team draft order. After we get that order, each member will draft an NFL team based upon the draft order. All slots must be paid by Paypal as gift. Otherwise, anyone could join, not get the slot they wanted and try to file a claim. I can't risk that. Any payments received not as gift will be refunded minus a $2.81 cancellation fee that Paypal charges.

    Cards will be divided as follows:

    1. All cards will be sorted via the team whose jersey the player is pictured in.

    2. If a card displays a player in a jersey other than an NFL jersey, the card will be added to the pile of the team listed on the card. Should there not be a team, player will be placed with his current team. In the event the player does not have a team, card will be assigned to former team.

    3. In the event there are multiple players pictured on the card, the card will be randomly given to one of the teams pictured/listed.

    4. In the event a redemption is pulled, they will be randomly given to one of the piles in the draft unless the redemption specifically states the player(s) the redemption is for.

    Once you have your slot locked, this is a binding deal. Anyone backing out after the team is locked will receive a negative feedback rating and will not be permitted to participate in future group breaks.

    The price for each individual slot is $32 delivered. This covers the case, shipping, and new toploaders/sleeves/teambags/bubble mailers for these cards.

    People outside of the U.S. are welcome to join, however, delivery confirmation isn't affordable on packages going outside the U.S. I can't be responsible if these get lost, but I would be happy to get international tracking if you pull something really nice and wanted to get that security of having it tracked at your expense. The packages will be properly packaged and supported by myself and sent with DC. Insurance is OPTIONAL. If you would like to purchase insurance, you may. Otherwise, I am NOT responsible for damage done by the USPS.

    There is a limit of four (4) slots per member.

    Once you have posted your interest in a slot (pick a slot position), I will post the trade with payment information inside. Once you confirm the trade, IT IS A BINDING DEAL. Payment is expected within THREE DAYS of confirmation. If you do not pay before the three days expire, you will lose your slots. If you pay and the group break doesn't fill, a proper refund will be given! That will get this process rolling much faster!

    If you trade or sell your slot to another member on SCF and you post a trade in the trade manager for the transaction, the cards will go to the original owner of the slot who will then be responsible for shipping the cards to the new owner of the slot. This prevents anyone from receiving feedback for technically not doing anything.

    Once all members have paid the product will be ordered and the randomization will occur. All randomization will be done live via blogtv to prevent any problems that may occur. The break will be done live at

    So Who's in?

    1. NBSII (PAID)
    2. spydermat (PAID)
    3. trask7 (PAID)
    4. SgtAJC (PAID)
    5. Herdfan13 (PAID)
    6. cccupps420 (PAID)
    7. trask7 (PAID)
    8. Dlhdaman (PAID)
    9. TheCardBandit (PAID)
    10. storm (PAID)
    11. brokenyolk (PAID)
    12. arfmax (PAID)
    13. trask7 (PAID)
    14. spydermat (PAID)
    15. SgtAJC (PAID)
    16. arfmax (PAID)
    17. NBSII (PAID)
    18. kess (PAID)
    19. wogman56 (PAID)
    20. jrs865 (PAID)
    21. golfpro261 (PAID)
    22. NBSII (PAID)
    23. trask7 (PAID)
    24. NYGiants72 (PAID)
    25. NYGiants72 (PAID)
    26. golfpro261 (PAID)
    27. Dlhdaman (PAID)
    28. Dlhdaman (PAID)
    29. Dlhdaman (PAID)
    30. NBSII (PAID)
    31. brokenyolk (PAID)
    32. jrs865 (PAID)
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    I have done a break on here before (not Ryan, and I'm not complaining) but PMs were never sent. You have to keep hitting the board and that is not as easy for all of us as it is for some it seems. There was absolutely no disrespect intended.

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    Ryan will post the random time. If you won't be be able to make the time send him a list of the teams you like and if available he can pic for you when it's your turn. What usually happens is he has the random and then sends you a pm when it's your pic you make your selection, post it and then pm the next person after you. You will enjoy it and thanks for joining.

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    I understand, it should work that way. I did a couple breaks on here while deployed and never had an issue. When in doubt get in touch with moderator. I have seen some breaks take weeks to finish, it sucked but sometimes me,bers ill take 24 hours to make team selection.

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    Well it looks like everything simmered down in here , and now everyone is now marked paid. There was no disrespect in my eyes, if anything, just anxiousness for the randomization and eventually the release date.

    I will be able to do the randomization tomorrow afternoon as I have prior commitments that I need to tend to tonight. All systems should be good for a high Noon EST randomization. I will do the randomization on my BlogTV account and also record it with my camera live. I will then upload the video to my photobucket for anyone that wants to watch it. I will post the randomization results once they are done, and then we can start picking the teams.

    If I am not around, trask7 mentioned earlier that once you make your team selection, if you can take the time to PM the next person to keep the team selections going, we can make the process go real smooth. I will take care of any situations where a person hasn't made a selection in the allotted time.

    Thanks again for everyone who joined my 1st break of 2012, I appreciate it!!

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    I'm in vegas for the next 4 days. Ill try to keep good tabs, but consent to being pmed by the group w some light ribbing if i am slow as pms hit my email. Looking forward to a fun break.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYGiants72 View Post

    I'm in vegas for the next 4 days. Ill try to keep good tabs, but consent to being pmed by the group w some light ribbing if i am slow as pms hit my email. Looking forward to a fun break.
    maybe u should pm ur teams u would want in order

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    I've scoured the internet (with the help of Mr. Google) and I still have not found a checklist of this product. Can anyone offer assistance?? Normally I go to one particular site but they only have one insert listed from the set. Thanks.

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    I just found out a few minutes ago that my nephews football game was moved from 1:30 PM to Noon, so I will not be able to do the randomization at Noon as scheduled. Once I get time today, I will give a heads up as to when I am going to do the randomization, that way people can watch if they are online.

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