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    Looking for Blue Jays GU and Autos

    I am looking for GU and Autos of players in Toronto BLue Jays uniforms that I don't already have.... Let me know what you've got and how much ($$$) you want for them....

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    I have a 2003 Fleer Authentix Eric Hinske G/U Jersey Card and a 2003 Fleer Authentix Carlos Delgado Jersey. They are both in a jays uniform. Im not looking to sell as they wont bring in that much but if you want to trade we can work something out.


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    I have gu'd listed on my trade list of Delgado, Hinske, Phelps, and duals of Hinske/Jennings & Delgado/Stewart. LMK if you're interested in trading for any of them.

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    I have a 2004 Fleer Genuine Article Insider Jersey Delgado # / 250 and a 2004 Topps Pristine Personal Endorsements Vito Chiaravalloti Auto. Let me know if you're interested - I'd prefer to trade them.


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    I have -
    2005 Bowman Draft Signs of the Future DP David Purcey C
    Sell for $4.00 or trade.

    Thanks - Chris

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    I have these, would rather trade, but let me know:

    2001 Donruss Signature Series Signature Stats Auto Joe Carter
    2002 UD Prospect Premieres Russ Adams RC Jsy
    2004 Sweet Spot Sweet Threads Vernon Wells Jsy

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    Have these:

    2003 Prestige Players Collection Carlos Delgado 3-clr patch (105/325)
    2004 Donruss Timber & Threads Josh Phelps Bat
    2004 Donruss Timber & Threads Vernon Wells Bat
    2004 Donruss Timber & Threads Studio Series Vernon Wells Bat (23/50)
    2004 Donruss Timber & Threads Autographs Josh Phelps Bat/Auto (26/50)

    Will sell for 25% BV if paying with cash and 33% BV if paying via Paypal...

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    I have these:

    Blue Jays Autos
    Coco Pasqual 2000 SPX ROOKIE #54 969/1500
    Dubois jason 2003 Donruss Classics rookie #166 (in Cub uniform but says BJ) 401/500
    Hattig John 2005 leaf Certified Materials New Generation #220 197/499
    Hudson Orlando 2005 Leaf Certified materieals #33 186/250 mirror red $8
    Jackson Zach 2004 Donruss Elite Extra Edition #312 0053/1069
    Lopez Felipe 2002 Topps 206 #TA-FL $15
    Phelps Josh 2003 SP Authentic chirography #JP 206/245
    Rios Alexis 2005 Leaf Century Collection #191 78/200 $10
    Tablado Raul 2005 Donruss Classics #206 0243/1200
    Tabladao Rail 2005 Leaf Certified Materials New Generation #234 13/499 and 223/499
    Thompson Rich 2002 Bowmans Best #120
    Wells Vernon 2000 SP Authentic Chirography #VW (x4) $15
    Witt Kevin 1999 SP Signature Edition #KW

    Blue Jays GU

    Roberto Alomar
    2002 Fleer Premium Legendary Dynasties dark jersey

    Kevin Cash
    2003 Bowman dark blue jersey from USA Futures All Star Game #FG-KC

    2004 Topps Traded Future Phenoms white jersey #FP-KC
    Jose Cruz Jr.
    2002 Playoff Piece of the Game grey jersey #POG-39

    Carlos Delgado
    2002 Bowman Heritage blue jrsy #BHCD
    2002 Flair jersey heights white jersey / and another one with blue jersey
    2002 Leaf Shirt off my back blue jrsy #SBCD
    2004 Leather & Lumber white jersey #147 102/250
    2004 UD Reflections white jersey #179
    2004 UD r-class jersey white #CD

    Roy Halladay
    2004 Bowman Heritage white jersey Threads of Greatness #TG-RY
    2005 Leather & Lumber #117 108/150 white jrsy

    Eric Hinske

    Orlando Hudson

    Josh Phelps
    2004 Donruss Timber and Threads bat #TT-27

    Shannon Stewart

    Corey Thurman
    2002 Fleer MLB Hot prospects Future Swatch grey pants #957/1000

    Vernon Wells
    2002 Fleer MLB Hot prospects bat #HM-VW
    2003 Donruss Gamers white jersey #G-48 315/500
    2004 Donruss Timelines white jersey #49
    2004 Leaf Shirt Off my back white #SOMB-9
    2004 Studio Game Dya Souvenirs black jersey (OF) #GD-90 234/250
    2004 Sweet Spot Threads #STS-VW white swatch
    2004 Topps Chrome blue jersey Fashionably Great #FGR-VW
    2005 Donruss Classics Dress Code #CD-28 2 patches: 1 is grey with white and blue, the other is red and blue #2/5!!!! VHTG corners are not mint
    2005 Leaf Certified Materials mirror red #147 white jrsy #47/250
    2005 UD Sweet Spot Majestic Materials grey swatch #MM-VW
    2005 Zenith patch royal blue with light blue piece NICE!!! #ZB-70 93/150 sell for $5

    will sell all autos for $3.50 each and GU for $2.50 each except the Wells Gu that are marked differently. Let me know, Thanks!

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    05 Champions-#75-gu Bat-o. Hudson(fielding)
    05 Champions-#76-gu Bat-o. Hudson(batting)

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    OK let me wade through this......

    Geoff, MSUfan, ckinney, dtdhardcore, theguru14 have most of those cards... Thanks anyways

    Rick Polus, enigma_shadow, lesrules... I will check your lists and get back to you soon..

    THanks, Jason
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