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    Yikes, sounds like a real nightmare of a customer!

    However, there's still something I feel I need to point out. Way earlier in the thread I suggested that perhaps there is an issue with the cost of Expresspost varying by province. Another member pointed out the differences in cost and I understood at that point.

    But, just recently I had a number of ebay auctions ending, and one member purchased nearly $700 worth of cards from me (17 cards in total). I sent the cards via Expresspost, and the cost? $9.81. All cards were sent in top loaders, and they were sent in a bubble envelope larger than standard size. I sent the cards from Ontario to Saskatchewan. And that is why I think the member has an issue (sure, he seems like he has other issues, but this may have started it).

    Perhaps some provinces charge more than others, and the customers just don't know about it?

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    Cygnus - Are you sure that was Expresspost and not registered mail? Registered mail is less expensive, with a base rate of $8.25 plus tax.

    The base rate of Expresspost within your province would be more than the amount you mentioned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sholi2000 View Post
    First off, Harri THANK YOU SO MUCH for talking with this guy. He clearly had no idea what was going on. I never picked express post, he did and he paid so I sent it express. Send me your address Harri and I'll send you a nice thank you envelope.
    No prob, that's how SCF works! I just dropped couple of words to the guy and after that everything went well I guess.
    thanks for a 'offer', but thank you is a best bonus to me.



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    That's correct, you are talking about registered.

    Rates for under 500g is 17.33 from Manitoba to East Coast and between 10.00-12.00 to West coast from Manitoba.

    As for you sending registered. You may have been covered through payapl, but if your cards would have been lost in the mail, there would have been no insurance. I realize that it's their job to get it there and signed for but you just never know if they go missing or worse damaged. Now I know it says you get coverage, but the first thing the clerk should ask you is this. "This is a letter and not merchandise" My clerk ask me every time I send registered, and I wink as say it's a letter. Of course I could be wrong....and I hate that :)

    From Canada Post Site

    Get proof of mailing with Registered Mail

    When you add Registered Mail as an option to your Lettermail or USA and International Letter-post items, you get:

    A receipt as proof of mailing. (Lettermail and Letter-post)
    A signature upon delivery. (Lettermail only)
    Coverage for loss or damage. (Lettermail and Letter-post)
    Delivery confirmation online or by phone the next business day after delivery. (Lettermail only)

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