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    Cool looking for Manning/Favre-Auto's-GU-RC's, I have Auto's+GU for trade

    Here is what I have. May go a little extra If I have to trade 2 cards for 1 good one.

    Marcus Coleman RC Auto-96 proline Intense BV???
    Willie Howard-2001 Press Pass Auto-Bv$8
    Elvis Grbac-93 classics Auto BV$??
    Ricky Proehl-91 proline Auto-BV$8
    Marcus Nash Rookie AUTO-99 Skybox autographics BV$10
    Darnell McDonald rookie AUTO-99 Press Pass-BV $15
    Jon Jansen Rookie AUTO-99 Press Pass-BV$10
    Tee Martin Rookie AUTO-2000 SP Authentic(sign of the times #TM)BV$20
    Kevin Faulk Rookie Auto-(99 SP Authentic #KF-A) BV $20
    Chris Chambers-2001 Sage Hit Rookie AUTO(Die-Cut Foilboard #66/100) BV $50
    Brian Urlacher-2001 U.D. Encore(U.D. Authentics AUTO #BU) BV $50
    Edgerrin James Auto-2002 Donruss(Private Signings /27) Bv $80


    Drew Brees-2001 U.D. Vintage(Vintage Threads # DRVT)( 3-COLOR) BV $40 plus
    Brian Urlacher-2000 Black Diamond Jersey/RC #166 BV$50
    Kelly Holcomb RC-99 Pacific #417(Platinum Blue #35/75)BV $160
    David Carr RC-2002 Donruss Elite( Elite Status #39/92)Bv $60
    Michael Vick-2003 Fleer Authentix(Ticket Studs Jersey # TS-MV ) BV $50-60??
    Michael Vick Rookie Jersey(Virginia Tech-2001 Sage-(Michael Vick #MV1-#131/650) BV$60
    Marshall Faulk-2001 Leaf Rookies+Stars(Dress for Success #DFS6 Jersey+Pants)BV $40
    Marshall Faulk/Issac Bruce_2002 Fleer hot Prospects(class of 94 #MF-IB)(#248/375)BV$40
    Marshall Faulk2001 Upper Deck(Memorable Materials #MM-MF)BV$30
    Marshall Faulk-2001 Upper Deck Graded(Graded Jerseys #MF)BV$25
    Marshall Faulk-2002 Fleer Authentix(Classic Memoralbilia-jersey #SCMF)BV $25
    Ricky Williams/Edgerrin James-2002 fleer Hot Pros.(class of 99 duel jerseys #EJ-RW) BV $25
    Shaun King- 99 Playoff Contenders SSD RC #1367/1825) BV $20
    Deuce Mcallister RC-2001 fleer Hot Prospects(rookie premiere jerseys #054/1825)BV $25
    Edgerrin James-2001 Leaf Certified Materials #FG51 44/63-BBV$40
    Andre Johnson RC-2003 Topps Draft Picks+Prospects #147(gold chrome refractor)BV$40
    Kurt Warner-2001-Playoff Prefferred(Prefferred Materials #250(#125/250)BV$40
    Kurt Warner-2002 Topps(Super Bowl Goal Posts #SBG2) BV $40
    Kurt Warner-2002 Fleer Premium(All Pro Team Jerseys)BV$20
    Chris Chambers-2001 fleer(rookie retro threads jersey #10)(2-COLOR)BV $30 Trade for $40
    Clinton Portis RC-2002 upper Deck honor Roll #107-#ed/1375)BV $20
    LaDainian Tomlinson RC- 2001 Fleer Glossy Rookie Miniís #414(#197/350)Bv $20
    Hideo Nomo-2002 Upper Deck(Global Swatch #GHSN) jersey card BV$40
    Donovan Mcnabb-99 upper deck(highlight zone #Z17)Bv$30
    Chad Johnson/Rudi Johnson-2001 Fleer(rookie Retro Jerseys #51)Bv$25
    Chad Johnson2001-Feer Hot Prospects(rookie premiere post mark jersey)(# 1146/1875) BV$25
    Chris Weinke-2000 Pacific AUTO/RC #460(#0009/1000)BV$20
    Dennis Northcutt- 00 Leaf Limited RC Ball/Jersey (white)# 241 /500 BV$30
    Brett Favre-98 Metal Universe(TITANIUM #4 of 10) BV$25
    Hakeem Olajuwon-96 NBA topps stars #83(ATOMIC REFRACTOR)BV$30
    Peyton Manning-99 SP Authentic(Authentic Excitement #36AE)(#208/250)BV$36
    Peyton Manning-99 Playoff Prestige SSD #B152(Spectrum blue #230/500)BV$24
    Peyton Manning-2002 Topps Chrome #128(refractor #067/599)BV$20
    Ken Stabler-97 upper deck legends(big game hunters #B6) BV$20
    Thomas Jones RC -2000 Revolution #101-(#196/300) BV$20(ONLY 300 MADE)Bv$20

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    This is what I am intersted in of yours i will post again to leave my trade list

    Brian Urlacher-2001 U.D. Encore(U.D. Authentics AUTO #BU) BV $50
    Marshall Faulk-2001 Upper Deck Graded(Graded Jerseys #MF)BV$25
    Marshall Faulk-2002 Fleer Authentix(Classic Memoralbilia-jersey #SCMF)BV $25
    Drew Brees-2001 U.D. Vintage(Vintage Threads # DRVT)( 3-COLOR) BV $40 plus
    Clinton Portis RC-2002 upper Deck honor Roll #107-#ed/1375)BV $20

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    2001 Leaf R&S Mike Anderson GU Football
    2001 Titanium Emmitt Smith GU Jersey
    2002 Pres Pass Ken Dorsey GU Dual Color Jersey #418/475
    2001 Private Stock Mark Brunell GU Jersey
    2002 Press Pass Josh Reed Gu Jersey #094/500
    2002 Upper Deck Eric Crouch GU Jersey
    2003 Sage Hit Kyle Boller Gu Jersey
    2003 Sage Hit Ken Dorsey GU Jersey
    2003 UD Pros&Prospects Terrell Suggs Wendell Bryant Dual GU J
    2002 Sp Legendary Cuts Edgerrin James Gu Jersey #107/350
    2002 Bowman Josh McCown GU Jersey
    2002 Score QBC Peyton Manning Gu Jersey


    2003 Sage Gold Auto Charles Rogers 31/50
    2003 Sage Red Auto Jason Gesser 097/799
    2003 Sage Red Auto Sam Aiken 354/379
    2003 Sage Bronze Auto Ronald Bellamy 463/540
    2003 Sage Red Auto Matt Wilhelm 139/650
    2003 Sage Silver Auto Tyrone Calico 242/300
    2003 Sage Red Auto Donnie Nickey 63/290
    2003 Sage Silver Auto Seneca Wallace 312/320
    2003 Sage Bronze Auto Jason Witten 426/650
    2002 Press Pass Auto Damien Anderson

    I also have a bunch of inserts, and Rookie cards just let me know what you are looking for.

    I am looking for Vick, Shockey, All Raiders rookies Auto's and Gu,
    adn any Kobe Bryant Gu or Auto.

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    I've got a 01 UD Graded Peyton Manning jersey. Got anything in my sig. I already have your Stabler Big Game Hunters

    topps chrome havelist- raiders/redskins- Hidden Content
    Set wantlist-Hidden Content

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    sorry raiders, I dont have anything on your Sig.

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