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    grading of cards

    so how much value is gained by having your better cards graded. and how much better is one company over the other three? bgs, psa, mga. grant it the cost of having the service done is vast between beckett and mga. like 8 bucks a card and the turn around in getting card back is vast. mga does it within a week of getting the order while beckett takes three weeks to get into the system then depend on how fast u want them back can take up 20 or more days.

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    I go by the double rule. 9 is X1, 9.5 goes X2, 10 goes X4. Hope this helps

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    one can use that rule and i hope some of my 20 cards sent to bgs comes back with high high marks

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    What is MGA?

    I was thinking the same thing. Hey maybe I could get into the grading business and make some extra cash that way lol. Easy money.......

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    In my limited experience, grading doesn't add very much. Although, my experience is strictly from an Aaron Rodger rookie card viewpoint. I got his Score Glossy rookie card, graded a 9 by Beckett, for $5.99 off EBay. I am not sure what the Beckett value of the card is but it has to be a couple bucks I'd guess. Right now, I just found Rodgers Bowman rookie card, graded a 9 again, for $18.99 buyout. Even a Walter Payton rookie card, graded a 8 PSA, is going for less than $200 on EBay. I believe that is below Beckett value. I don't know, take that for what it's worth.

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    it depends on what the card gets graded at. I wouldn't even send one in unless it looked perfect. If its not at least a 9.0 its not worth it unless it vintage

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    You also need to take the population of a specific grade for a specific card into consideration. Even with newer products the lower the population the higher the premium.

    -Robert Lewis

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