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    Bet your cc on baseball games 9-24-12

    Here are the games for 9/24/12. Once you pick your team or teams you must send the CC prior to the first pitch of that game or your bet is invalid. If you win, I send you back your CC plus your winnings. Bold teams are the home team. Each game will have a favorite and an over/under. You must pick 2 games at minimum or as many 5. Here is how prizes are determined. Each game or over under has a 4 bet max. Once 4 people pick a game or over under it's then closed. 10 cc min and 100cc max per bet

    2 pick parlay = 2 x your CC bet
    3 pick parlay = 2.5 your CC bet
    4 pick parlay = 3x your CC bet
    5 pick parlay = 3.5x your CC bet[/B]

    Detroit -2 1/2 runs (8 total) vs Kansas City
    NYM -1 run (8.5 total) vs Pittsburgh
    Baltimore -2 runs (9.5 total) vs Toronto
    Texas -1.5 runs (9.5 total) vs Oakland
    St. Louis -2 runs (8.5 total) vs Houston
    White Sox - 2.5 runs (9.5 total) vs Cleveland
    Yankees - 1.5 runs (9.5 total) vs Minnesota
    Arizona - 1.5 runs (11 total) vs Colorado
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    Sorry no, betting of CC is allowed on the site........I am closing this thread.
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