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    Some new football cards in the mail today :)

    Recieved some football cards in the mail this afternoon:

    An addition to my Revolution Material inserts collection and at the same time Cowboys collection /199 /49 /199

    I just love the Captain patch cards, got this for dirt cheap on ebay!

    An addition to my Luck collection /199

    More addition towards my Megatron collection :)

    Also recieved a pack of Momentum, and here is what I got:

    Manning/McFadden base cards

    Ummm Chandler WHO??? Oh it's a /25 for what its worth...
    What a lame pack, the two base and auto card is up FS/FT btw.

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    Ahem nobody wants Chandler whatsisface? You know if Luck goes down this mighty young lad is going to have to step in :p

    I'm prolly going to try another pack of Momentum soon, can't let this sh##&y pull discourage me :/

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