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    2005 SPX Football Michael Vick / Trent Green Dual Patch, Multi Color 10/25 Greens #

    Well, sold this on ebay, almost 2 months ago, and never got payment. Funniest thing, is guy still left feedback. He gave me $10 for my hassle, so I aint complaining. Looking to trade or sell this baby. Vick is 3 color, black, white, black, red. Then Greens is all red. Its #ed 10/25, Greens jersey #. Very rare, and a nice add to a collector.

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    vikingfan101-PLMK whet bv you are wanting in trade, also I have an unused U.D. reward code, PLMK what your looking for on the dual,feel free to check my page or www

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    I think regular books 60-70 on this card. Not sure what to put with it being multi colored and Trents number. I didnt see anything I really needed from your regular list, but a few things I liked from pc. Try shooting me a pm, and well try and work something out.

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    To the Top. Dpono, please let me know what we can do.

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    Got some nice stuff. Quite a few things Arise my interest.
    05 Absolute Auto redemtion #181 spectrum gold (who is this???)
    05 Foundations Jason White auto Rc #'d 11/25 #230
    04 Playoff Prime Signatures Richard Dent auto Proof #'d 13/14
    04 Leaf Certified Fabric of the game jsy/auto Anquan Boldin #'d 28/81
    03 FleerSweet Stitches Drew Brees (3 color) #'d 21/56
    04 Fleer Sweet Sigs Sweet Stitches quad: A. Boldin (2 color/red, white), A. Lelie (3 color/ White, Navy Blue, Orange), D. Stallworth (1 color/gold), S. Moss (1 color/white) #'d 17/33

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    i could do these three for it lmk:

    05 Absolute Auto redemtion #181 spectrum gold (who is this???)
    05 Foundations Jason White auto Rc #'d 11/25 #230
    03 FleerSweet Stitches Drew Brees (3 color) #'d 21/56


    oh btw the redemption is some guy on the giants

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    Got bvs on yours? I figure that cant be much. I dont want the Giants thing if hes a no namer. The White, I dont need horribly, I would just sell it at a show.

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    Hey Vikes fan, he backed out on ya huh? Interesting, I had a good bid on that card too...At any rate if you are still looking to sell it I have about 7 unused UD Rewards codes I can add to some cash just LMK what you would need $$ wise and we can go from there.

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    Eh, I dont mind all that much. I did get $10 out of it, so alls good. Hes since bought other cards from me with no problems, so its fine. Could you pm me an offer? I honestly dunno what to ask.

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