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    Okay here are the Yankee cards I have scanned:

    I will start with my biggest card a 1/1 cut and go from there. Cuts will be shown first, since cut autos of old players are my first interest in collecting.

    Here they are:

    Murder's Row 1/1 cut

    Now to a Quad;


    Single cuts:

    Now to some of my favorite game used:

    Okay, Maris may not be shown in Yankee gu but he is best remembered as a Yankee in my opinion


    Some vintage

    Got to get to work so I will end my post with my Mickey Mantle cards:

    Good luck with your collection.

    Lunch time, I will add in a few more

    Now to show autos and through the mail:

    Oops, forgot about the original Fleer card company

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    RONFIR - YOUR AUTO'S ARE THE BEST COLLECTION I HAVE SEEN, CONGRATS. Love your other cards too. Below is the tip of the iceberg of my Yankee collection, love those Yankees:

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    Ronfir, I just drooled all over my computer. My dad is and has always been a diehard Yankees fan, and would kill to have just a few of those autos. Beautiful PC.
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