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    SCF's Race for the Price 2011-2012

    SCF's Race for the Price 2011-2012

    Congrats go out to newchef & Crater_Satori, who shared first place in SCF's Race for the Trio last season. With the 2010-11 season now in the history books, and the off-season coming to an end shortly, it's time to announce SCF's next season long contest: The Race for the Price!

    Sponsored by Starside Signings, the winner of the overall contest will get a limited edition (only 1,031 made!) autographed Carey Price Jersey, commemorating his first career shutout!

    Much like last year, we have designed 10 contests to put you through your paces and determine who will walk away with the top prize! We have some returning contests and some new ones which will challenge your creativity....

    They are:

    1. Pre Season contest - September (very soon!)
    2. Regular Season Pool -October (full season)
    3. 'Proline' Style Predictor (mid-Season)
    4. Goalie Predictor Contest - October (full season)
    5. Scavenger Hunt (will happen 3 times, at various points in the season and will be announced in advance so that everyone knows when they are)
    6. Winter Classic Props Sheet
    7. Playoffs pool - March/April
    8. NHL Awards predictor – March
    9. Draft Predictor – June
    10. HHOF Predictor - June

    We will also be working on adding 2-to-4 additional contests to this list as the season progresses.

    For the long term contests, the following points will be awarded:

    1st place 10 points
    2nd place 8 points
    3rd place 6 points
    4th place 5 points
    5th place 4 points
    6th place 3 points
    7th place 2 points
    8th place 1 point

    For the shorter contests, the point structure will be explained in the contest's post itself.

    At the conclusion of the last contest, the HHOF predictor, the leader in the standings will be awarded with the Price Jersey. Please note that staff will be able to participate in the individual contests but will not receive any “Race for the Price” points as we are not eligible to win this jersey. If a staffer wins a contest, the person in second position will receive the maximum 10 points, the third position will get 8 points etc..

    However, to be eligible to win the prize, participation on SCF is a must. Therefore, for any long term contest (Regular Season and Playoffs pool) there will be a minimum requirement of 5 trades made on SCF from the opening of registration of each of the two long term contest until the end of it. Some of the other "mid-term" contests will also have trade requirments added to them, not not as many as 5. In total you'll be asked to complete a minium of 15 trades during the season. DIFFERENT trades must be used to qualify for each contest.

    The second qualifying requirement will be to digg every contest ( as this helps getting SCF high up in the search engines.

    Please also digg the contest as a whole:

    All members must be in good standing to be eligible for the Price Jersey, what this means is:
    - No serious infractions: a serious infraction is any infraction worth over 3 points
    - No suspension: if you get suspended during the contest, you are no longer eligible
    - No negative feedback during the duration of the contest (any negative feedback received will be investigated)

    Participation in all contests is not obligatory but doing so will greatly increase your chances of winning the jersey.

    But for now, get ready to trade on the best trading site hockey collectors and enjoy the 2011-2012 hockey season with our Race for the Price!
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    And making the first post myself, so we have somewhere at the top to keep track of diggs.
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    Enter the 1st leg of the UD RAK 'Em Up! contest!
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    Dugg it too! Thanks to Starside Signatures for hooking us up with such an awesome prize!
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    Enter the 1st leg of the UD RAK 'Em Up! contest!
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