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Thread: My First Made to Order

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    My First Made to Order

    In a way its my second, but its also my first. There are two cards I really wanted for a MTO. A little while ago P-NUT-BUTR ended up with one of the MTO cards I really wanted and we manged to make a trade. It features the pads of 3 very popular players and obviously, I'm not the only one who wanted it produced because someone else had it made and I picked it up.

    Other than my special triple, there is a dual player card I really wanted to have, but it was unlikely that anyone was going to make it. I really wanted to pick up a dual MTO for BTP, but honestly, they never become available. Or so I though.

    Thank you, SparkyzSportz for a fantastic trade. He posted it for trade and after a few nibbles from other users, I found out that he still had it after a month of trying to get a deal done. I reached out. We negotiated hard, a lot of back and forth. He was asking for a good $$$ cards + cash, but wow, we finally settled on a deal. Without further adieu, I give you my first MTO, made to MY order.

    Why is this card so special? Let me tell you.

    FIRST, I have Vezina sticks and pads, but no skate blades. When Superlative 1 came out, the blade pieces of Vezina were highly sought after since it was theorized that they were the rares, falling only 1 or 2 out of the 9. This Vezina Skate piece completes my Vezina 'Complete Package' for blade, stick and pad.

    Second, I wanted a card that commemorated the real beginning of professional Hockey in Canada. With my respect for goaltenders, you can't get much better than the two most iconic players of the 1910's & 1920's. I was really happy with skate pieces because, for skates, you can't imagine how many pucks they had to kick out with these things. If you aren't familiar with Clint Benedict, go check him out.

    Finally, and this is was the scary nail biting part. When I submitted my MTO, George Vezina was still listed as a potential player for MTOs. If you visit the ITG checklist now, Geroge Vezina is no longer listed as a player for a MTO card. That change happened soon after I submitted the card so I was worried. I had communicated with ITG staff prior to submission but never herd back. We may very well be near the end of the era for Vezina GU products so I'm very happy to snap this one up now.

    For those who are curious, here is the letter I included with the MTO:
    Dear In The Game,

    Please find included an “11-12 BTP Made to Order Dual” redemption. I would like to request to redeem this card for a dual memorabilia featuring George Vezina and Clint Benedict.

    I hope that this card will contrast the rivalry between the two top goalies from the 1910’s & 20’s Therefore, if possible, I would like to request
    • Preferably some metallic skate pieces with game wear for both players
    • The artwork on the card feature coloured full body shots in goalie uniforms of George Vezina in his Montreal jersey/colours
    • And a coloured full body shot in goalie uniform of Clint Benedict with his Ottawa jersey/colours
    • I was hoping that this card could include my name on the back, similar to the VIP program that ITG does. For example, instead of “You have received…”, “xxx, you have received…”

    I understand that the nature of licensing may require images only with partially obscured logos and given the rarity of such images, may not be possible.

    I contacted customer service prior to sending this letter and was informed of a few things. The request to have my name may not be fulfilled since it is not part of the MTO program. If it is later decided that this can be done for an additional reasonable fee, I would be happy to pay that and please feel free to contact me. Furthermore, some memorabilia pieces are limited and my first choices may not be available. I was told that the representative would look to see if any pieces remained, but I never heard back. Hopefully they found that the pieces were present. This is my first made to order card and I'm just hoping for it to be as special as possible. Despite any potential limitations, I'm sure whatever ITG designs will be a great piece.

    I’ve included my e-mail, phone number and VIP number for your convenience at the bottom of this letter. My return address is located at the top as well. Thank you very much.

    Requests they did fulfill: Coloured image of Vezina, skate piece and wear (These look very worn, but I suspect the skate blade piece may be seeing the wear from the cutting and maybe not game wear. Still, there is rust to indicate age and a nice chip to indicate use).

    Requests they didn't fulfil: No to full body shots (license or picture restrictions?), No to colourized Benedict, No to my name (I knew that going in).

    Does this make my card any less special? Hell no.


    PS: I am looking for all Vezina Cards. Inserts, base, SP/prallels, etc. If you have some, please feel free to contact me.
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    That's the first Show and Tell in a while to make the coffee leave my face through my nostrils, AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!!! Thank you :)
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    wow great card.
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    Love it!

    The MTO cards, IMO, are still the best idea that a card company has ever done. They give you a list of players, and you pick your own customized card.

    The end of the line for Vezina, as an MTO choice, I suspect had to happen eventually. I was thrilled to be able to land a piece of pad last year with my MTO (which you know all about) but when you consider how little of that stuff has to be left, I would think that over the next couple of years, we'll be seeing an end of Vezina GU stuff. Makes you wonder how long there will still be pieces for guys like Benedict, Worters, or Plante.

    Congrats on a great card though. Happy to hear it worked out so well.
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    Amazing looking card
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    I love the wear on both of those pieces.

    Just an amazing PC card to add.

    Congrats reoddai
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    Amazing piece. Great choice!
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    That's AMAZING! Congrats on your first MTO card! :)

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    Awesome card Love ITG Vintage pieces theres nothing better, especially when you get to pick it.

    Greatest redemption program in the hobby hands down....just wish I could get one


    Nice reply Bauldie

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