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Thread: TTMs & COAs

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    TTMs & COAs

    Do I take my TTM successes to be COA'd? Should I enclose a COA for the player to certify and return? What's the 411 with TTM's and COA's? Thanks!

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    absolutely not! That's a serious red flag to the aignee that you may be selling the autograph
    I collect ttm/IP autos. Always willing to trade/sell cards to grow my autograph collection.
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    Besides if someone is going to take the time to forge an auto, then they wouldn't have any problem forging the COA. Also COA's are about as worthless as the paper that they are printed on. If you are ever unsure about a TTM get PSADNA to authenticate it for you.
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    Oh! I see now. Auto's are for YOU, not someone else. Of course.... thanks guys!

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